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  • Tim Legler alongside so much of my conversation or lead in, I guess you'd say about Ally was the paraphrasing, the conversation you and I had about what he does and who he is.

  • What would you say about tonight's performance?

  • I feel like so much of my conversation in general that the postseason with anyone that I've talked to is Ben Avoca y Leonard, because it's really hard to put your head around how good he's been.

  • Never seen him better.

  • And, you know, you think you already have a good feel for how good a player is.

  • This is the best offensive basketball Kawai Leonard's career, and it's not even close because of his accuracy and skill with the shot making everything he lets go now, you think is going in right.

  • You expect that result whether it's from the three midrange brand couple rattled out of when they do, you're kind of like your shot.

  • The numbers speak for themselves to see the efficiency, what he's shooting from the field, what he's done every game in this series, and you and I always get back to the same strength and what that strength allows him to do.

  • is play at a speed that almost looks like there's no one else on the court like that's literally what looks like if he was in a gym, just working out by himself, trying to get a sweat, what looks like he's doing.

  • But he's got like, a really good team with a bunch of really good athletes trying to stop him.

  • And yet it still looks effortless.

  • On the other side of B goes from being the guy we were raving about in Game three to this, I mean, this sickness cover this?

  • I don't think so.

  • I made a joke to someone earlier night does what he has.

  • This upper respiratory infection actually make your vision blurred because he had passes tonight that comprehends.

  • When you take a look at these meetings, this it's almost laughable when you see them put back to back to back like this.

  • He threw four just flat out into the stands.

  • Here, this 15 bandleader turns a corner, Vanvleet says, Thank you very much.

  • I'll go the other way, comes in here in a traffic just just that's just a week here.

  • Take it.

  • Type of turnover.

  • This will hear drives it's gonna drop it off.

  • Ben Simmons knee.

  • There were better saves, probably in the Blues game, than Simmons was able to pull off.

  • A lot of what this one was.

  • JJ Reddick, who's running the floor.

  • You know, they don't lose just because of this.

  • It's just it's just it wraps up nicely in a blowout loss.

  • Yeah, they don't.

  • The point with this tape is you can't win if you're Brett around the 70 sixes.

  • If your best player is going to play like that.

  • It's one of the worst performances they've ever had of a big time player in that city in a game this big.

  • And I don't even want to think about what the coverage is going to be on this team tomorrow with that media.

  • I was having that conversation.

  • The room.

  • Look, everybody in Philly would they run to fight everybody outside Philly that didn't get the process will that this part of the process to and I mean you were there a Game three.

  • Everybody was loving it.

Tim Legler alongside so much of my conversation or lead in, I guess you'd say about Ally was the paraphrasing, the conversation you and I had about what he does and who he is.

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Kawhi Leonard is playing the ‘best offensive basketball’ of his career – Tim Legler | SC with SVP

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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