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  • defensively, you looked like you were pretty successful in limiting Ca Wilander.

  • What would your you're thinking of strategy regarding that?

  • And how do you think the Raptors were ableto take advantage of that?

  • Whatever that strategy was, I mean, co I didn't have his best game, their standards, But other guys stepped up.

  • I mean, see, welcome, obviously of the game of his playoff life on give him credit running the floor.

  • So we'll have to get back on defense next game and really limit their transition points.

  • Make us be making beat us in the half court.

  • And, um, yeah, we did a good job.

  • Women quiet.

  • But it's not quite Leonard, and it's the Raptors, so we'll go back to the drawing board and see we do better for Sunday.

  • Thank you.

  • Other questions.

  • Second row here on the left.

  • A.

  • Mark Clay, Steve, Mark Schwarz, ESPN.

  • Steve mentioned that you guys were not that familiar with the Raptors.

  • You don't see them a lot.

  • How surprising was what seaq ums athleticism enabled him to do in transition tonight.

  • Um, I mean, he's very long and athletic.

  • He's one of the better finishers in the paint in the game.

  • So, um, I know we'll start with the challenge on Sunday to limit his opportunities.

  • Which a lot of them came in transition because he was sprinting the floor.

  • Um, but yeah, we're not very familiar with this team, but that's no excuse.

  • You know, it's still so I got to come out here and our goal was to get one, and it's still on the table for us.

  • So I know we respond like the champions.

  • We are left side, fifth row, a rash, clay right here on the ah, on the isle Rash mandating with SportsNet.

  • You guys, your DNA as a team is toe ignite with with big runs, points and Bunches.

  • You weren't able to do that tonight.

  • It really at any stretch.

  • What do you think that may have been?

  • Uh, I mean, we cut it to three with about seven minutes left for 89 minutes left.

  • Whatever it waas and, you know, get their defense credit.

  • We didn't get too many transition opportunities.

  • And what would our best we're running in playing with this type of randomness that kind of has teams scrambling.

  • And it was there a little bit tonight But, um, like I said before, our goal was to get one.

  • So we got some tape now and we'll go to the drawing board and we'll come back to be much better on Sunday.

defensively, you looked like you were pretty successful in limiting Ca Wilander.

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