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  • and when you talk to me about potential agents, Rob Pelinka had a real learning curve when he got to the Lakers.

  • The idea that this franchise, which frankly, is a mess in so many ways right now with the way the books are the players, are who is on the roster, what kind of contracts they have to deal with.

  • I Why would James Dolan want to put that in the hands of someone who has potentially never done this job before in any way?

  • I think the one element that it's come back to me a little bit on is is recruiting.

  • But that's not the model like what recruits players to any free agent destination is having an infrastructure having an organization that is appealing to people.

  • Look at what, uh, Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson did in Brooklyn.

  • Look what Doc Rivers, Lawrence, Frank, Steve Balmer did with the Clippers.

  • Those weren't free agent destinations until the organizations were run better and even the Lakers before Magic came back and Rob Pelinka came in.

  • They had struck out on a lot of significant free agents.

  • They were just getting players our top free agents because of geography, but it has been shown.

  • If you run your organization well in a big market, you're going to be appealing to all star level players.

  • And there's still a frustration in this league in the smaller markets.

  • Them are how well they run the organization.

  • In the end, they're still feeders to L.

  • A New York.

  • You know, Pat Riley has been able to do that in Miami over a long period of time.

  • So it's not as simple as just having, Ah, a recruiter.

  • This isn't college basketball, and recruiting doesn't work that way in the n b A.

  • You better have put that players are smart.

  • Agents are smart.

  • They know what they're sending their players into.

  • Absolutely.

  • I am very grateful to you for coming on television and trying to explain the unexplainable Tow us.

  • We will be checking with you back through the afternoon across ESPN and for more trade deadline talk.

  • You can catch woes and Zach Lowe on the Wogan low trade deadline special that is tomorrow five Eastern on ESPN to those air always great shows.

  • So, Scotty, you just heard from the man himself.

  • Where do the next go from here?

  • given all these tentacles, they seem tohave out and direction That might not make sense to the rest of us.

  • Well, it doesn't make sense for us, but I think they're gonna continue to struggle for the next year and 1/2 of So I mean, even if they find someone to put him in that position, I don't think they're gonna be able to make a dramatic change real quickly.

  • There's a lot of teams that are so far down the road right now that the Knicks are going to be playing catch up for the next three years.

  • They know the value asset when they gave up on poor Zynga's.

  • So when you put yourself behind the eight ball like that, you need superstars in this league to be successful, and it may be a while before they can find a superstar.

  • They talk about the Mecca basketball.

  • Well, not a lot of free agents are running to play in the medical basketball sitting.

  • If they are, they're playing for the Brooklyn.

  • That, and that's exactly the model that the Knicks should be looking at.

  • The Brooklyn next didn't have picks.

  • They didn't have anything that hired a young coach and a patient GM who came up through the Spurs system.

  • They built the most incredible facility I've ever seen in my life, and you could have a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty better view than from Madison Square Garden.

  • And so all everything that Jim Dolan said turned out to be true for the Brooklyn Nets, not his own franchise.

  • None of this.

  • None of this makes sense, except when you say, but it's coming from Gen.

  • Dylan.

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and when you talk to me about potential agents, Rob Pelinka had a real learning curve when he got to the Lakers.

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