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  • Pat Riley spoke on Monday about James Johnson's failed conditioning test, Riley said, quote, it had to be done.

  • Johnson has been away from the team since Camp began, but they expect him to be back soon.

  • Matt, you like Riley holding his vets to the standard?

  • Still, I think it's It's been long known that Riley is this way.

  • You listen, the magic in those guys talk training camp was held for those guys, and he made sure they were in condition and ready to play.

  • So if you know that your president and owner, I'm not sure what its title he's part owner, is like that, you've got to be ready when you come to camp Special.

  • When they gave you money a couple years ago, I agree.

  • But I sort of disagree toe because, like, I feel like after so many years, you're a vet, like just let them come to training.

  • Kids put in their work.

  • Now it's interesting to me because when I'm in practice like I remember my working year, I remember my rookie year, Katie Douglas.

  • We had to do like a one down and back that that's not gonna happen from me I'm going to conserve.

  • Oh, my veteran energies.

  • I get the culture of a Sometimes I feel like this.

  • I know that.

  • But how many years is he really like?

  • A.

  • Like a older vet like that?

  • I think he's like your legal John's been the league, like eight years.

  • That's my guy, too.

  • But you got to know, like someone Pat Riley, he's not gonna give Maddie Johnson.

  • The pastors are probably a chance that you probably you know what?

  • I think there's something to what you said right.

  • They rewarded him with the big contractors.

  • They do like him.

  • They love.

  • They love him.

  • They love his game.

  • They love his intensity.

  • That he kind of embodies what they've always been.

  • S o.

  • I think he's almost like disappointed that he didn't coming in shape.

  • All right, Next.

  • David Minimum has a new story on ESPN dot com and details how Anthony Davis ended up with the Lakers.

  • Dave spoke to eighties agent Rich Paul, who had some interesting comments comparing his client the last season's M v P Yana sentence.

  • A couple like if you put Anthony Davis on that Bucks team last year, they'd be playing in the finals.

  • He knows how to make guys better.

  • That's not a knock, to be honest, but that's just what I think.

  • Do you agree with who recall that Anthony Davis is a better player than Yanis?

  • Not to make an entire country mad?

  • But, yes, I do agree, largely because Anthony Davis, from a skill perspective, is better than honest now.

  • This is what hurts Anthony Davis being a post Johannes.

  • I mean, it's a guard's world now, and Yonas being the primary ball handler.

  • Initiating offense, going coast this ghost.

  • Yes, he has improvement to make in the skills department, and he's dominant.

  • He's an M and M v P.

  • But Anthony Davis, even from the preseason world like this guy, is a future M V P.

  • But he's got all like what is he missing that?

  • What is he missing?

  • I have no problem, Bridge Paul saying this and I agree with him.

  • Like I said, that's not a knock on Yanis.

  • Yanis is continuing to grow, and I think what captivates people.

  • John, this is a really do go coast to coast and euro step from half court people write teammates what is far the skill.

  • 80 doesn't have a whole new game.

  • And even though, like you said, it's not a big players game anymore, he's starting to adapt and and starting to get more consistent, obviously the mid range, but consistently knocking down the three point do eighties a problem.

  • And I have no problem with what Rich said.

  • And I agree with him.

  • Yeah, I think we've discussed this before, right, like Yannis, and he would say this to that.

  • He has things he wants to work on the outside shot the in between game and Anthony Davis doesn't have any flaws that that's absolutely true.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

Pat Riley spoke on Monday about James Johnson's failed conditioning test, Riley said, quote, it had to be done.

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If Anthony Davis and not Giannis had been on Bucks, they'd've made 2019 Finals -Rich Paul | The Jump

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