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  • It's a lot of emotions in a playoff run.

  • What's your emotions right now?

  • Uh, I mean, sad, disappointing, just because Ah, it was a tough game and we had our chances.

  • They had their chances and they just use it smarter.

  • I can say later before three.

  • The fan you played great in game 82 last year.

  • You play great again tonight.

  • Does the pain of losing feel the same?

  • And if it does, obviously Game 82 is a great motivator this year.

  • Will this loss serve a similar purpose for next year?

  • I mean, not to me, To be honest, I mean, losses are not motivation for me.

  • I mean, we I think we had a really good group of guys.

  • Yes, last year we we missed the playoffs by one game.

  • Ah, I'm important.

  • Lost Ah, against a New Orleans last year too.

  • So, I mean, maybe maybe does day motivation, but you never know.

  • So, uh, um, I'm just asking for the guys who is gonna come next year to come better and prepared to do bigger things.

  • Uh, Nicolo, monogamous with ESPN coach, was saying afterwards that you went and talked to the team and said it was kind of your phone.

  • You took the blame.

  • Why did you feel that way As good as you played.

  • And what did you say to them?

  • I mean, they look at me as a leader there, looking as, um, their best player.

  • So, yeah, I mean, I miss some of those ST Rose, that one free throw in the end, and I mistreat round Portland game.

  • Let a four overtime.

  • It just I mean, probably probably I feel something.

  • I feel responsible just because I knew I mean, I think it means a lot.

  • A lot of shots.

  • Yeah, I miss a lot of shots, and, um, I supposed to make some of those.

  • So it was ah, physical gaming for stuff.

  • Game.

  • Um, that's what Joe Barton from the athletic.

  • Do you and I know this is It's still so early in raw toe losing Game seven.

  • Do you come away from the Siri's feeling like Coach Fields, which is you guys went farther than you thought than everyone else thought you would in the future is brighter.

  • Or do you really lament being up 32 in the series and not being able to finish it.

  • Ah, I mean, we had a we had a great opportunity be even the game in Portland.

  • We were We were there.

  • The whole the whole game game here are from of our car crowd.

  • I mean, we fought, which was it was really tough game.

  • A lot of missed shots.

  • I mean, did they scored a score?

  • A lot off.

  • Far off off office in rebounds.

  • So, men, the baby miss Ah, a lot of free throws.

  • That's gonna the thing that the easiest thing that we can say on, uh I mean, I don't know what to say, Nicole, or you missed the postseason for the past two years.

  • What do you take away from this season?

  • Getting all the way to the second round and almost the conference finals.

  • What do you remember about Oh, I mean, when we came, many starts descending.

  • And Sunday wintering cap.

  • He said, Let's make a players and dance and recently were playing really good.

  • And we were number most spot in the in the vast system.

  • Couple a couple weeks and then we just said, Let's do something bigger and we had a home court advantage.

  • Um we?

  • We re beat San Antonians in seven games.

  • It was really stuff serious against Portland.

  • We lost the latam today.

  • Um, no, it's improvement for us.

  • This is our first time being here.

  • Um um, probably next year, we're gonna be better.

It's a lot of emotions in a playoff run.

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Nikola Jokic takes the blame for Nuggets’ Game 7 loss | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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