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  • Chicago is a record basketball.

  • No way that's considered.

  • I said that championship with the Lakers and of course, everyone knows you're creating makes year said.

  • We'll see where it goes.

  • Players, When you were growing up, really enamored roll with one of God's floor, thanks, he went through.

  • It was able to make your dream come true.

  • Place your place anywhere.

  • He carried Chicago with him.

  • You know for sure.

  • You know, I'm happy for him.

  • He's able to bounce back from all the stuff that he's been through home for me.

  • You know, whenever I play, play with energy passion, you know, waste.

  • Toughest away, Chicago where they bred to do so.

  • It's not about getting basketball Play, maybe for a name on the back and of course, city come from.

  • You know, we're only six games in, but about the experiments that it's Mike, uh, it is good and bad.

  • I mean, now this fun.

  • I mean, obviously it's early in way.

  • No, that way.

  • We're a long way from what we can be, but way constantly learning each other, trying to get better each and every game, every practice, we're learning each other.

  • We're talking to figure out how to become better on both ends of the floor.

  • So I have a great basketball.

  • I'm trying to do everything I can from him and put it to use on the floor.

  • The young team, you know, they have got exactly thing marketing.

  • Kristen, Kobe White, the rookie.

  • All these guys they play, They play fast for a lot of energy in a lot of close games.

  • So I see they're not a team that we take lightly.

  • No, they come out, give it, give her every, give it everything, a lot of energy.

  • They play fast.

  • No.

  • So we got to come out and do what we always defended.

  • Gotta walk away with a win.

  • You.

  • I feel good.

  • I mean, the first couple years, I didn't get a chance to play here because of injury, but the past.

  • But we are going to play in front of friends family, and it's always fun, and I don't get to play here much been in the Western Conference, But the time that I'm here, I try to enjoy it.

  • You know, all we wouldn't want it to be able to play here, and I had a chance to break down the All American game, of course.

  • But play here with an MBA Uniforms when they obviously plan for the Lakers.

  • Is something you for me, So I'm gonna enjoy it all.

  • How does that work?

  • So give me the war.

  • So, uh, do a great job with that.

  • The other great bridge in the past, Um, with the best of so we didn't know.

  • It's tough for them to stop picking Road would be setting a pick and he on the ball.

  • So and then when that's clogged up, he's able to find in our shoes on the weak side.

  • So he's just making all the right place.

  • Last question, please.

  • For my family and immediate family, that's about it.

Chicago is a record basketball.

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