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  • a trade with the Atlanta Hawks.

  • The Brooklyn Nets have sent Alan Crab a draft pick, number 17 overall this year and, in exchange freedom, about $18 million in cap space to break it all down.

  • Let's talk to ESPN, nb a insider.

  • Brian Wynne, Horst on the Shell Pennzoil performance.

  • Sign Brian and you see this deal.

  • What's Brooklyn doing?

  • What they line themselves up for here.

  • Well, they gave actually gave up two first round picks to give up.

  • Next year's first round pick is, well, it's lottery protected.

  • That is the type of move that you make when you have a major plan.

  • You don't do that just to get a little bit of extra cap space.

  • That's two first round picks, including a pick this year in the top 17.

  • As you said.

  • So what you have right now is teams across the league looking at a Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant paring.

  • That's what these teams are preparing themselves for.

  • Now they're protecting themselves out a little bit.

  • They don't have to go with two Max thoughts.

  • They could sign one Max player, and then they could try to keep D'Angelo Russell, who is a restricted free agent and then still have some cafes.

  • Beyond that, it's not all or nothing, but the Knicks have the to space the two slots.

  • When they made the point fingers trade.

  • That's why they made it.

  • They made it to chase Durant in Irving.

  • That's what the Nets are doing right here.

  • They're going to chase the rant.

  • And Irving, this is gonna be a big factor.

  • If you can get a promise from from Kyrie Irving first, you may be able to have him recruit Kevin to help recruit Kevin Durant.

  • Brian really quickly.

  • I know you just tweet this out.

  • Tell me all the teams in the NBA that now have to Max cap slots available to take into free agency.

  • Well, there's only two right now that actually have the two max lots.

  • That would be New York and Brooklyn.

  • But the Clippers, because of the assets that they have, and they have about 1.5 Max SCIRI flocks, they could make a deal without too much difficulty to get to.

  • So really, it's kind of like 2.5 teams have to max lots, and I also think that the Lakers are absolutely in play for any big maneuvers because they have a full max lot and they have the number four pick.

  • And they have a bunch of young players that they needed to get off of salary or they needed to make a move in a trade you say forgot against the Davis If they could get, um ah, player, you know, committed to them.

  • If they could get a Kevin Durant, they could get a cool I Leonard committed to them.

  • Then they could go out and do something else.

  • So all of these teams are are maneuvering themselves to make two player editions, and they're in the biggest markets now.

  • They're not there.

  • Somebody's gonna be a loser here.

  • Somebody is not going to get Durant.

  • Somebody's not going to get this combo.

  • Durant Irving may not decide to play together.

  • They might break apart.

  • Durant and Kawhi Leonard are playing for the championship right now.

  • They may end up staying in their spot.

  • Somebody has made a big move here, is gonna end because gonna be ending up holding their hopes and dreams and not the players.

  • And, you know, the Knicks gave up for Zynga's to put themselves in the spot as a pretty significant price for the Nets to pay two first round picks to get them in this spot as well.

a trade with the Atlanta Hawks.

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Nets make trade that frees up cap space to recruit Kyrie Irving AND Kevin Durant | Will Cain Show

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