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  • how different it tonight field.

  • I felt more back to normal as faras the motion on offense ability to come off pin downs, ball screens and see some daylight.

  • A big adjustment from last series with their big fellas.

  • You know, switching everything.

  • Mykonos put it on the floor and do all work within the three point line.

  • So it felt good to get nine threes in high volume for me and stuff in No way.

  • And I keep going out of my way to point this out about Portland.

  • I'm not ripping a man, but they just played a seven game series in that last game and two days ago in Denver's at altitude.

  • Did you sense that there was maybe the gas light was on and that team in the fourth quarter, in terms of just what they had his energy wise?

  • Yeah, it's natural toe.

  • Come in a little down, but it's the West final.

  • So I got you.

  • We knew they would be up and you can't worry about what happened the past.

  • They had a amazing Siris in Denver and we had a tough one in Houston.

  • Well, you got to forget about all that and it's time to, you know, take care of business and try and go to our fifth championship.

  • What?

  • Yeah, but see, that's what I'm getting at.

  • And clay you be You're just so much more familiar with that than they are.

  • And I just wonder how much value there is in having played so many more games collectively this time of year.

  • Then they have What do you How do you think that maybe reveals itself?

  • Um Well, uh, with the blazers, you know, they're so dependent on that backcourt as they should because they're so dynamic and score in Bunches, they can score the best of them.

  • So we knew if we make those to work as much as possible, right, they'll try.

  • Might have tired legs at 20 in the game and try and make their old guys be this little more.

  • But I can't give you all the secrets of our strategy.

  • I'm not asking you to.

  • I'm not asking for, like, the recipe, man.

  • I just But when you guys sit down at the you know, at the, uh, you know, for the interviews I see everybody always looks at the box going.

  • Peru's with the other guys do.

  • If McCollum and Dame go 11 for 31 they're not being you guys.

  • How satisfying is it to have played the kind of defense you all did tonight on that fantastic backward?

  • It feels really good.

  • Don't get me wrong, but that's the trick of the playoffs.

  • You know, you feel good tonight.

  • If you read the media, you see all the articles, all the warriors of great that no one can stop him.

  • But that's which conflict quickly if we don't take care of business on Thursday and come out with the same edge.

  • So we try not pay attention of the noise because we've been here before.

  • We know.

  • So we know it's a roller coaster, it's a marathon, and we can.

  • We're not just gonna put this team away just cause they had a bad shooting night.

  • We know those to come out firing Thursday, and I just anticipate that play much better and shoot the ball better.

  • So for us, it's not about relaxing about never being satisfied.

  • So he always hoist the Larry O'Brien last Really dumb question.

  • I'm gonna ask you, you had a chance on a dunk there and you always do this.

  • There's this weird thing you do at the last minute where it's like you got it with two hands and then there's, like, a one hand like unearthing like What are you doing that?

  • What are you thinking about?

  • Doing something like you're gonna show out.

  • Or you like, what is happening when you don't the ball?

  • No, I know what you talk about.

  • It's kind of like a momentum thing, like, kind of bringing yourself to the rim.

  • And I'm not the biggest levers.

  • So I needed much momentum as I can possibly get right.

  • And, uh, I just get so happy when I get a dunk.

  • Master.

  • Rare occurrence.

  • But tonight I got one.

  • I looked up, my family and I was pumped and hopefully I can have more.

  • It sounds like that throughout the series because those really make me happy.

  • I understand.

  • I mean, because look as Stephanos man, if you get if the rim gets you on a dunk like the Internet never forgets right?

  • So you cannot have never forget.

  • No, that's new age MBIA than Internet will never forget its undefeated, but whatever.

  • That's why we get paid what we do because we like to get, you know, mean on the Internet are made fun of.

  • It's part of the game.

  • You Scotland average showing the jewelry, man.

  • It's all flight.

  • Hey, thanks.

  • As always.

  • Thank you for sitting down.

  • I appreciate you.

  • We'll talk again.

  • All right.

  • All right.

  • Thanks.

  • God, You got it.

how different it tonight field.

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