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  • and now it is time for news that matters.

  • Jalen were serious.

  • Journalists here way have a journalistic duty to correct the misinformation that we give to the public.

  • Yesterday we misinformed the public.

  • We gave bad information about LeBron James yesterday on the show.

  • We get bad information about a lot of people we don't.

  • There's no researcher on our show.

  • So Jalen, yesterday we featured LeBron James on Memorial Day in his backyard.

  • And what was he wearing on his head?

  • Do right.

  • And we claimed that he wears that just a cover up.

  • What's going on out there that he has no waves?

  • We've got new intelligence on this topic.

  • Look at LeBron James on his eyes.

  • He story.

  • Are those ways, Jalen, Not only are they waves and I'm really happy, but I really appreciate that part of the front of hairline and it looks like a shag in the front is like the waves way.

  • Don't fully break on the beach waves.

  • Not fully for ways in a sand bar.

  • At one point, about 20 feet out, George.

  • And the only reason why we tease LeBron James because he's the greatest of all eat the greatest of all time is so many things.

  • He's got everything I production competently and movie hunger career, that player going mogul.

  • Only one guys not being it.

  • Correct.

  • Changing the world.

  • One athlete, right?

  • Hope was correct.

  • His foundation's perfect partner with public school system, and he influences students like Perfect.

  • But he does have a shag in the front.

  • He does.

  • And you know what?

  • That's not his hair.

  • Let's just be honest.

  • Be honest.

  • Look at the way he got the brains blown.

  • But I'm happy to see any brother, especially in his thirties, trying to rock the ways.

  • I remember speaking into a microphone when Reggie Hooks of this program challenged me to get ways.

  • He told me, You've got to bring them back and make him cool again and all I know over the last couple of years now you're claiming you invented waves.

  • No, I'm saying I'm a industry taste maker.

  • And a couple of years ago, when I started this journey, people, one rocket just what the thing to do Now people are doing people's rocking corn rolls, people rocking the Trife cut, not people.

  • Rocket weighs waves are definitely cultural, but nest cultural soul are do read regional.

  • I talked a lot about hairlines When there's a split right down the middle, that's a drop top when you have the sunlight ableto being right on the top status your brains being blown.

  • Now, when you have the Manu Ginobili, you know what that's called?

  • No, no, I forgot what this contest.

and now it is time for news that matters.

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LeBron's waves prove Jalen Rose wrong | Jalen & Jacoby

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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