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  • How are you feeling right now?

  • Shot a fight.

  • You know where I can help the team win.

  • So I gave it a go and was able to contribute as much as I can and get the win.

  • Frank talked about the importance of the sense of possessions later.

  • What's key for you?

  • That you?

  • Absolutely.

  • Nelson.

  • Stay home in the perimeter.

  • Yeah, I take pride in my defense and, you know, any time they gain when you guys try to control me, you don't take it personal when trying to play with front and get stuff from my team.

  • I don't know situations.

  • Two of their best players.

  • Which one?

  • They want to stay home and do what I do, What I do best.

  • Playing defense.

  • And you make take tough shots.

  • Sleep is really in a sleeping, a couple of medicine things here, and there's equal of stuff like that.

  • But I had Tom and Charlotte find a way to questions.

  • Please.

  • Always a challenge yourself.

  • Defensively have been the biggest day for me.

  • That was different is the way the game has changed.

  • Going force.

  • You know, a lot of people want a corn action where they put the four corners, they set a pin down and, you know, not chasing and being in pick and rolls in the one car in the ball started going a screener.

  • So those two things pretty different for me and constantly trying to get better at it.

  • But everything else you know, I take back what I can do.

  • The other things just good at anyone in any a.

  • So But the other two planes is something I I want to keep you inveterate.

  • When did you come on, uh, way Play with us in Dallas, I think the day before it down, how much did the illness kind of factor in your start?

  • What turned it around tonight?

  • Factor.

  • And I was trying to make the right place trying to force anything, I think the shot that I had with good shots, but I was kind of over thinking a little bit, not cause of illness, but the way to replant me and then just try to be aggressive in a second to 4/4 trying to get my team going, get some books and myself Look so the women really play a big part.

  • I thought it will especially planning and everyone out to, you know, So that's a good thing again Tomorrow.

  • Get Utah in the same position.

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How are you feeling right now?

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Anthony Davis on playing with the flu and his attention to defense | NBA Sound

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