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  • the MBA hiatus continues with no decisions on the horizon before at least May.

  • Yesterday, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was on John Calipari's Facebook show and sounded optimistic about the league's chances of returning.

  • You know, I'm a big believer that their scientists out there doctors out there that are going to get this figured out.

  • I just don't know when and hopefully if it's within the next 60 days, I'm just guessing.

  • Then we can finish out of season because you know what?

  • There are no rules anymore.

  • Why can't the n b a play into August?

  • We can, you know, Why can't we have the draft during the season?

  • And maybe by trying, these new things will learn it will be a better way of doing it than the way we've always done it.

  • Really fascinating.

  • So won't your first up here What?

  • What are you hearing about those possibilities about all semblance of what we usually think of as the NBA's schedule just being thrown aside?

  • Well, greeny there.

  • There's no question that the N B.

  • A is willing to look at everything, and Adam Silver solicited ideas from really every faction of his constituency, and they have to be creative, and they have to have a lot of different contingencies based on how much time they might have left to resume a season.

  • There's no question the NBA's gonna have to play well into August and probably September if they do resume.

  • But that's uh huh and the idea of the draft.

  • And I know we'll talk some more about that.

  • That was a tough one toe have wild teams.

  • They're still playing because there are trades that you want to make and you can't make trades while there's still a season ongoing.

  • Yeah, so they heard Cuban say it right there.

  • Why can't we have the n b A draft during this season?

  • Is Is that a real possibility?

  • I don't think it is greeny and, you know, I reported with Jonathan Davone on Friday.

  • You know that there's a lot of teams in a movement to push back the draft from June 25th 2 at least August 1st.

  • No sooner than August 1st and probably later if the season does resume.

  • And that's regardless now of what happens with restarting the season because teams they can't do work out two players that can't meet him in person.

  • They can't bring him in for workouts that can't travel to see them play.

  • And they can't get physicals that have medical personnel evaluate players.

  • That's an important part of the draft process.

  • Many teams feel if they could push it back until August September, there's a better possibility that they could do some of those traditional predraft functions and be able to make B a lot smarter.

  • Come draft time that we've seen a lot of the NFL personnel people very unhappy with the idea that they're going ahead with their draft as scheduled woes.

  • Great to see you.

  • Thank you.

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the MBA hiatus continues with no decisions on the horizon before at least May.

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