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  • dribble science walker.

  • Take it to the basket and move.

  • Walker.

  • Fall away, too.

  • So good Walker from the other side.

  • Played by James Brown.

  • I got this entrepreneurial young man here.

  • Walk a Berries History.

  • Jaylen brown Brown dribbling with left.

  • Kemba Walker, who's having a nice quarter.

  • 18 to run right now with faces he knew right away.

  • Jab.

  • Step back.

  • Pounds off the front.

  • Yes, and a foul left shoulder right to the chest or another part of the body and lays it up off the glass.

  • Brown down by four.

  • Still another three.

  • No one knows exactly what I was just thinking to kick it to record on top of the team.

  • Camper.

  • Good shot.

  • More pastor.

  • A great shot with basket gets to control sees by Brian.

  • Lays it up.

  • Go back to turn stripped.

  • There's Kemba Walker, driving dumps it lay and Jalen Brown with the 3 60 fastbreak brought to you by files by Verizon.

  • One two okay, and doesn't do life camber again.

  • Taking it to the basket.

  • I just walked up with it.

  • Look, a Kemba Walker gets contact.

  • Go walking right over there.

  • All right.

  • Only defense camera in stride.

  • knocks down 3 42 Counting Walker splits the defense.

  • The way to the basket gets a quick, too.

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dribble science walker.

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Kemba Walker goes off for 44 points in Celtics vs. Pacers | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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