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  • There's a nice Monday's game returns.

  • Sacramento Great defensive plays.

  • Very good defensive team down 3.6.

  • Take a one point lead, second in assist to turnover ratio.

  • He has been just playing such good basketball.

  • I want to be more like him.

  • Incredible compliment is navigates about Garrett Temple and other players.

  • Like driving in either direction.

  • Walker, preferring Walker downtown, got nine back on.

  • It's pretty incredible.

  • He just keeps getting better and better.

  • Smooth.

  • First quarter.

  • He's done it all here in the second Walker Angel's right, 42% from three defense there, Williams looks like pushed.

  • His parents divorced when he's 12 and some living either in a Salvation Army or on people's couches.

  • Attempt all time in three point percentage.

  • Not active players all time.

  • Walker backs at home.

  • 24 for Kemba Walker spending.

  • I think six or seven hours just passing out Walker again.

  • He's got 26 Sara Temple Walker trying to draw the foul.

  • Harris.

  • They let it go.

  • Any fires gets three step back.

  • Elbow jumpers.

  • 35.

  • Walker pulls back 37 49 points.

  • Five days ago, you were taking off according stretcher with Scary Neck injury.

  • Forced to miss a game for the first time in 159.

  • And then today you have, Ah, 39.

  • A season high already.

  • Were you to come back way?

  • I got a chance to sit out.

  • Obviously got a chance to watch my team before they win.

  • Kind of.

  • Just show me no things not go to help this team pick my spots.

  • I kind of needed that.

  • That they all.

  • I'm happy I was able to get it.

  • I'm happy now.

  • No Feeling good tonight?

  • I was I was making some shots.

  • My teammate did a great job, gave me open.

  • It was a great night.

  • You told me this morning that since Gordon's been out, you wanted to be more aggressive and you haven't been.

  • What did you see tonight that allows you to get there just picking my spots?

  • I never had an opportunity to shoot the basketball.

  • Wanted to make it.

  • That's really all the world will never do.

  • Two defenders ready.

  • The basketball make the right play crowd really wanna Kyrie to play tonight.

  • But even without him, those nets were very feisty.

  • What makes them so difficult?

  • Play play hard they play hard each and every night, every possession.

  • Those guys do not quit much credit to their coach for having his team ready every single night.

  • And you know you have to respect a team like that.

  • Thank you, Campbell.

  • Happy Thanksgiving.

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There's a nice Monday's game returns.

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Kemba Walker drops 39 points 5 days after being stretchered off the court | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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