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  • Whoa.

  • Watch reported yesterday that the Rockets are making some changes.

  • They have said that everyone is available on the entire roster.

  • Future picks are available.

  • They want to make some changes to their roster.

  • Jalen Rose What does this report tell you about Gerald Mori's approach to the officers report tells me that they're stating the obvious that this team, based on what we've seen the last couple of seasons, doesn't have what it takes overall to get over the hump.

  • Last year was Chris Paul's injury.

  • This year, it was them.

  • Their inability to get it done versus the team without Kevin Durant when it mattered in the most with the guy on that roster, like James Harden, who I voted to be M V P this season, I was really disappointed in a trend that I saw from him last year.

  • They carried over to this year is that when he's not initiating the offense, he seems like he's gonna punch on the possession.

  • He walks.

  • He seemed this interested.

  • He's not cutting, He doesn't keep proper spacing, and that becomes a buzz kill.

  • When you're trying to get into your offense when your best player is basically not interested into play when he's not the primary ball handler.

  • That's one of the main things they're gonna have to fix now.

  • The fact that they want to possibly move Chris Paul's deal.

  • There's no surprise there, 34 years old, three years, 120 plus 1,000,000 remaining, maybe LeBron and take him off your hands.

  • You're trying to dangle that out there, but ultimately what they're saying is they're willing to trade Clint Capela and or see what happens with Eric Gordon.

  • Those are the two guys that they could probably get value in return from.

  • But Clint Capela has come up small the last two postseasons.

  • He really has Click Appellate did not have the postseason than expected him to this year.

  • So if you were Daryl Morey, how would you want to construct a team around James Harden differently than they have in the past?

  • So the construction is gonna be around?

  • Mike D'Antoni and Daryl Morey, style paced space shoot more threes than twos, play at the three line shoot layups or dunks and or get to the free throw line.

  • I always felt like that style need to be diversified.

  • More because the defense intensifies in the playoffs happen, Scott.

  • Our reports.

  • People start to suffocate.

  • The three line force you into help at the room and contest.

  • I like what P.

  • J.

  • Tucker gave him this year as an undersized guy that could play people in the backcourt or even a front if you need him to.

  • But again, there has to be a James Harden adjustment.

  • He can't be the only guy initiating offense the entire regular season.

  • The entire postseason, it becomes to his usage gets too high.

  • They have to find a way to allow him to be a part of the play, some time to be a decoy sometime.

  • And he has to have a level of interest there.

  • And that also starts with the coaching because they now have to encourage him to get out on the fastbreak.

  • Be a mover, be a cutter, be somebody because of your efforts.

  • Energy gets an open opportunity for somebody else.

  • Well, don't worry.

  • Wasn't the only active GM yesterday Pelicans New jam David Griffin met with their star player, Anthony Davis, so they met.

  • They had a meal.

  • They talked, but reports are that he is still not interested in playing for the pelicans this year and long term.

  • Jalen.

  • What should the Pelicans do with Anthony Davis?

  • There's no putting that to pace back in the tube once he comes on, says he wants to be traded and then he shows up at a game and the fans boo him.

  • And by the way, I have no problem with the fans being upset because I would have been upset as well.

  • When you take him up, the promotion that's on the Jumbotron and he's standing on the sidelines watching the game, he never wants to put that uniform back on.

  • I don't care if they have Zion.

  • I don't care if they have Magic Johnson.

  • I don't care if they have Michael Jordan.

  • He'll wanna play there anymore.

  • So it will be up to the Pelicans to try to get adequate value.

  • Now, is that gonna happen prior to the draft?

  • Is that going to go all the way to training Camp Viet through free agency?

  • Is he gonna actually be forced to suit up with the team as the year progresses?

  • Is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • But I don't believe that getting the number one pick is now going to make him feel like he wants to play their long term.

  • No, I almost feel like a The number one pick is more of an indication that they should kind of tear it down and rebuild and start with a different generation of superstars.

  • Jalen is time for you to take us behind the curtain.

  • Jalen Zion Williamson has announced that he has signed with C A A Sports.

  • Now, I don't know what it's like to be a prospect.

  • I don't know what it's like to have agencies woo me to try to sign me, take us behind the curtain.

  • What is the process of selecting an agent like it's a professional?

  • Courting that is a is an elevated level of what you see from high school athletes.

  • As they get wooed to certain colleges, they tell you about the facility, they tell you everybody that's gonna be working on your team, they tell you out of the market and that they're going to do for you all of the endorsements they're going to get for you.

  • All of the appearances they're going to get for you all of the major deals that they could secure in your favor, but you still got to get out there and ball.

  • Zion is a little bit different, however, because he was a phenomenon before Duke.

  • Then they got elevated at Duke.

  • So now he's an incoming business.

  • So basically what he needs people to do is tow already, maximize what he's been able to establish and make sure that they're dotting the I's crossing the T's and getting maximum value in particular on a shoe contract.

  • Is it fair to say that his team at Sea A has already reached out to all the major shoe companies and started the bidding war?


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