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  • Tim Legler alongside.

  • We've seen I use the description.

  • Another gear, it seems here.

  • How would you describe what we're seeing from him?

  • Why this is so fascinating to me is because even two months ago you would looked at him and say, OK, there's a guy with a ton of potential on emerging talent.

  • Not this two all league caliber player, literally in two months, And it's he's put a lot of work in, obviously, and it's almost not fair to sum up his night Scott on one play because he was so filthy in the first half.

  • But you're great at making one play, explaining a number of ways he did it.

  • I thought this was a good summation here.

  • So he comes off, gets a dribble hand over here, and you could see right now Angles is going to try to jump over here and beat him to his right hand And right here, take him, get some squared up and he knows that he's got can are coming over here.

  • So again, look at angles.

  • Wait.

  • He's trying to beat him over the top of the screen to take away that right hand.

  • Watch the footwork on Jayson Tatum.

  • He's gonna plant.

  • He's going to spin out to allow angles now to be in his rear view mirror.

  • So the footwork and a time you put it, do some like that.

  • Beautiful.

  • Now he comes and he looks on this side of the floor and basically you've got a wall on this side.

  • So if Tatum takes it to here, like for a pull up jumper, the problem is Engel is closing on a shooting hands.

  • He's processing that now.

  • So the best play here is to take this thing back over in this direction and you're going to see in a second little bit of contact right there.

  • He bumps him.

  • He stops and freezes angles.

  • And what that does creates that separations.

  • Angles is out of the play.

  • Gets a little bit of help here, Obviously, with Kanner go barefoot Lingard.

  • Rarely as he's pulling guardians, he's creating space downfield, but watch the finish.

  • He still has to get this thing over the best shot blocking center in the n B.

  • A.

  • And the fact that he goes up with this high marking shot off a one foot outside the lane, and he does it and had absolutely no concept that he might miss that as he's driving to the basket.

  • So he's added strength.

  • He's added a lot with his hand lunch, a handle.

  • And then we talked earlier about the sidestep stuff in the step back stuff.

  • That's all foot work related confidence at all.

  • Time High made more threes than anybody in the league this month, which is not something we thought we'd ever say necessarily about.

  • Jayson Tatum, that was is good in offensive first half, as I've seen anybody have all season, didn't need it much in the second half.

  • Marcus Smart did some things.

  • Brown got hot.

  • He kind of relaxed in the second half, or he would have another 40.9 tonight.

  • But we are We approaching your you said all league stuff, right?

  • There he is.

  • He's He's playing right now, like in all league forward, Like one of those three teams he needs to be on.

  • If they continue to win enough games, Jayson Tatum will find himself on one of those teams.

  • I mean, I just wonder news, or even more, is there even more to be found in terms of the ceiling But I think it's about confidence and you see it and everything.

  • Yeah, he's walking with some swag now.

  • He carried himself like the man like it's his team, right?

  • And that's very important mindset.

  • The last thing for Jayson Tatum before we start talking about made first team all leave one day, maybe M V P.

  • One day.

  • If the Celtics good enough, is his ability to beat you by making plays for other people off the dribble, that's not really something he's great at.

  • Yet.

  • He's going to get better at it because he's gonna have a whole lot more traffic coming at him.

  • You're gonna Seymour dudes trying to double him out of the perimeter.

  • And when he starts to now find guys to pick you apart because he's so good at drawing attention now you've got a guy that's a complete forward, and you've got a guy that looks like you know what those MPP type players look like because they could do it from anywhere on the floor.

  • That's the last element to add.

  • He has been forced to, but he will.

  • He's not demonstrably is not a yeller.

  • He's letting us play do all the talking a man.

  • He's saying a lot with what he was so fun to watch her.

  • Now I agree to appreciate you got it already having a career year when he got tapped as an All Star for the first time January 30th.

  • Since then, he's kicked it into that different gear.

  • Different level, averaging 38 game shooting better than 50% from the floor.

  • That's the key.

  • Amina People score with volume shooters.

  • He's doing it efficiently.

  • No surprises.

  • Seltzer.

  • Nine Into over that stretch, they've closed within a game of Toronto for that two seed in the Eastern come.

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Tim Legler alongside.

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