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  • Now you've got to make the adjustment.

  • How do the Warriors do that?

  • Slowing down the Raptors and transition?

  • Well, it starts with communication is soon of the shot goes up.

  • Everyone has to sprint back, and I'm sure Steve Kerr made a huge emphasis on everyone getting back.

  • Even in those clips, you saw guys kind of trotting back in transition at this particular junction of the season.

  • During the course of the finals, you have to sprint and communicate.

  • I have bought at ball and everybody else fan out.

  • These are the things you work on during the course of practice, and we know the Golden State had a lot of time in practice.

  • But even in that time of practicing, you have to pay attention to detail, locate shooters and stopped the ball is an important issue.

  • If that's like the macro for the words that they need to do is a team.

  • I want you to zero in on one person on the Warriors that you think needs to be a defense of star tonight.

  • Well, I think it's Draymond Green because he's been that start for them all season long, and he looks forward to the challenge of matching up against a kid who had a fantastic and see how come the last time they played.

  • I felt like Draymond didn't necessarily respect him the way that I've seen him respect others.

  • And I think you'll see a different Draymond tonight as compared to the last game out.

  • SIAC of a big part of the Raptors.

  • 10 Siri's lead.

  • The easy answer to this question is out of the Raptors.

  • Goto Oakland up to nothing.

  • It's it's win.

  • But how do they get the win?

  • Well, I thought they showed great patients in their offense during the course of the first quarter.

  • When you have a team that's never been in the finals a lot of times, what happens is you start the process of pressing.

  • You look for quick opportunities, but it was what they were doing as far as getting to certain spots on the floor, creating shots one another.

  • That's what you have to do during this course of the season.

  • It's not about one specific individuals, but it was multiple guys having multiple efforts as far as what they able to do as far as contributing to getting off to such a great start.

  • You already told us that defensively, the Warriors have to kind of control that transition scoring by the Raptors.

  • But offensively, we never really saw like that peak run by the Warriors that we typically get.

  • What do they need to change on the offensive side?

  • I think it's about doing what you've done all season, and that's making easy play.

  • I thought sometimes they tried to make up place because of a missed shot or turnover.

  • They tried to get it all back in one play, and in this game of basketball, you can't do that.

  • You have to stick to the script.

  • That means hit the open guy.

  • Don't try to create a situation where you're taking a televised shot at different times or so, so early in the shot clock, work the ball around the perimeter and attack a certain opportunities.

  • Toronto was very good on the wings defensively, and you can't just do it by one of two passes.

  • You have to go ahead and milk some of that clock.

  • Now you get down to 10 seconds.

  • Now you go ahead and be effective.

  • Make a prediction.

  • No.

  • Yes.

  • Okay.

  • I said I had Golden State in six.

  • So for them the went lose Game one is part of the process and I think because of their veteran leadership, because this is their fifth straight finals, they will figure out the right way to go ahead and counter what Toronto was doing.

Now you've got to make the adjustment.

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A 'different Draymond' will respect Pascal Siakam more in Game 2 - Bruce Bowen | SportsCenter

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