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  • What are the options for the Lakers to fill out the rest of the roster spots?

  • Well, right now, it's all about timing.

  • L.

  • And this is where the Lakers cap space will be if they complete the trade on July 6.

  • And that includes the $4 million Anthony Davis trade bonus that were factoring in.

  • And that does not get you a Kemba Walker for a Kyrie Irving because you would be over the cap and what they would be looking at it splitting that money up, possibly in a player like JJ Reddick, also Danny Green, and that would use up your cap space.

  • You still have a little bit left over 3.5 million.

  • Maybe a player like Trevor reason you still have your $4.8 million room exception, but I think it's important if this trade is completed on July 30th would be 30 days.

  • Then the Lakers would be able to afford I am a walker or possibly Kyrie Irving.

  • It's all about it's all about timing either 32 million or $23 million.

  • So it's a matter of how they spend that money, which could be really significant right that 30 days could be significant in terms of how they fill out the roster.

  • What would you do with the fourth pick and the acquired assets?

  • If you're the pellet?

  • Well, first, this is a textbook trade on how to trade an All Star.

  • And I think when you look at the roster, we already have Zion Williamson at the number one pick Lonzo ball to pair up with Drew Holiday and also with Brandon Ingram.

  • And I think when you look at what the options are going to be, of course, they either keep the fourth pick.

  • Maybe target a player like there is Garland Form Vanderbilt Jared Colder from Texas Tech.

  • DeAndre Hunter from Virginia but as Whoa!

  • Shit, there are going to be plenty options.

  • Remember, Atlanta has three picks eight, 10 and 17.

  • Maybe you fall back and get tomb.

  • Or we also talk about the timing of the 80 trade, how it impacts the pelicans cap space.

  • If they do that deal on July 6th, New Orleans will have $19 million.

  • If they wait, it shrinks down toe $15 million of course, the treasure chest of draft assets that they got from the Lakers unprotected picks, picks, swaps, the ferments.

  • That is a lot to start, and I think when you look at this, this is basically what the Clippers did.

  • They didn't rebuild, They retooled, and this team could still be a playoff team.

  • A lot of variables when it comes to this pelicans.

  • But if you look at that roster and how you laid it out, they could probably use some outside shooting.

  • We'll see if they address that as well.

What are the options for the Lakers to fill out the rest of the roster spots?

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How the Anthony Davis trade affects the Lakers' and Pelicans' rosters | SportsCenter

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