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  • who doesn't have to wait at all.

  • Absolutely.

  • We're going to slight track, Donovan, because you're going to China.

  • So I'm gonna fly track you just like we're tracking.

  • Why?

  • And I'll be ableto on alert.

  • The Chinese media, they're gonna know when you land.

  • They're going to know if you don't have any.

  • Oh, get shoes.

  • Because I want to say not in any and every room on here.

  • It's like, Good.

  • I'm sorry that I got to show this here because look, these air so cool, these air Our collaboration with the deed is a marvel.

  • Shout out to our little dizzy cos they're so great You have fun Doing this was such a blessing And have that obviously the theme around this movie Spider Man.

  • We have different color waves coming out, but to be at my own shoot minutes.

  • It's something you dream about.

  • But it never isn't really out a reality for you.

  • And then when I found out well, first off, when I found out I had to be quiet for a year, so that was the hardest part.

  • But then when I was able to go through the process and be able to just released the story today.

  • That's also a plug Wait Dio and first issue drop today.

  • I had to get that in.

  • The only thing I got to get in before we track you to China is you come on the jump.

  • You know you're required to play O Donovan.

  • Mitchell.

  • What were you thinking when you got into it with Jason Tater two years ago?

  • Ah, a lot of competitive, their competitive nature.

  • I just got I was playing great defense the whole game.

  • I wasn't playing much offense.

  • We both of us have pretty bad offensive way of, like, kind of get myself right up and get going.

  • And you saw it was the fourth quarter.

  • So I had to get myself.

  • Yeah, I hit him.

  • I didn't even for him Wait.

  • Next up, we gotta go toe.

  • What were you thinking when you don't all over the Lakers early in your rookie season?

  • Just one of a Yeah, The best part is Josh Hart on the bench stands up.

  • No one keeps it back.

  • Tell me.

  • Oh, I have that framed them.

  • I like a little man.

  • Cave like that's like a big picture.

  • I have framed was That was my first, like, real MBA dump.

  • That was That was pretty special.

  • Love it.

  • All right, well, congrats on the shoes.

  • Congrats on the Tour of China.

  • Way more.

  • Producer Justin has a lower for me.

  • What were you thinking?

  • When you way have to show this one way to do that, man, what were you thinking as you saw that in front of you?

  • Honestly, I I got to make shots, but it was I don't know.

  • I told him out of the game.

  • I said, I don't know why you reached like this.

  • Just let me go.

  • Let me go by.

  • I did.

  • I did.

  • Because I know near this I was talking a lot of junk after that.

  • The rest of the game, I always wondered.

  • Now you say you worry about how to make this time.

  • Do you feel an added pressure pressure?

  • 100% of regular.

  • Everybody's always already said who I got that uses a cap off.

  • They're taking the shot.

  • Got there's no that way, people.

  • There you go.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

who doesn't have to wait at all.

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Donovan Mitchell shows off Spider-Man shoe, explains summer league dust-up w/Jayson Tatum | The Jump

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