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  • I would say Don't pigeonhole players If they're really tall at a young age, don't pigeonhole him into one position.

  • Let them explore and see where they could go from there when I was a kid Loved the Ken Mehlman Jumbo blocking shots, rebounding, playing aggressive, a member of Watson Shack.

  • Early two thousands win three peat and, you know, going with the M v.

  • P.

  • Um, I wish that I could put like Tim Duncan.

  • Got to spend some time with him while he was playing in the summer in San Antonio.

  • Got to work out with Tim.

  • That was life changing.

  • And, you know, I got to work out Kareem Abdul Jabbar as well.

  • So I just watch film and all those guys Sky hooks, jump books.

  • And you know, that was my childhood right there.

  • Kareem would kill in this generation because he is efficient with his post ups.

  • You know, in 2013 or 14 my last year with the Pacers, Popeye Jones told me that the team had a meeting with the stats guys and they said the one on one post up is the worst shot in basketball because basically one and done There's no movement.

  • You shoot threes.

  • There's opportunities for offensive rebounds and kicking out from, or threes or layups.

  • So the fact that you know Kareem was basically dead.

  • I like, you know, Skyhook went in probably 98% of the time.

  • Why not dump it into him all the time?

  • The goal of today's modern MBA players are probably for big.

  • Guys are stretch the floor and create space, so the other four guys or gently guards or Fords or stretch forwards can either shoot or drive to the paint.

  • It's very much stat oriented.

  • The first inkling I got this was I believe my house, My second all story, which may have been 2014.

  • They had taken out the center position in the All Star game, and I don't to my own Horner inflate that.

  • But for what I was told in terms of voting wise, if they had kept the center position, I probably would have been a starter on the the all starting, you know.

  • But I could be wrong to go back and look at the stats.

  • But once they took away the center position, that kind of new things were kind of changing and again, uh, you know, they said the one on one pulls up is the worst shot in basketball.

  • So from what the status, Shen said.

  • So that's what analytics rules the game now.

  • Truth, I don't feel one way about it.

  • I played in the air where I was efficient.

  • I was able to score in the paint.

  • I made the most of my time on the court.

  • But I love the fact that big guys, we're going inside and out.

  • Dirk really changed the game.

  • So you have big guys that can play inside and outside.

  • So I love it.

  • You know I have a son.

  • If you choose to play basketball, I'm gonna tell the coaches, you know, don't put my son at the centre making be, ah, regular player teaching by the dribble, shoot everything like that.

  • When I was a kid, they told me I was like 68 Nate grade.

  • They told me to stand in front of basket in this shoot jump look, so I definitely want toe.

  • Have my any kid that plays basketball just to work on the total game, as opposed to just being pigeonholed as a senator.

  • Dirk change the game, you know, because he's able to score so efficiently with that one foot fadeaway jump shot in the pull off the post move.

  • You know, he basically has a Nikon image of his shot on the Mavs court.

  • So that goes to show how we changed the game.

  • So it really goes to show dirt could post up at the free throw line.

  • That's a very hard place to be able to double team people.

  • And he's able to one dribble to dribble, turnaround fadeaway off one foot off that post up moving.

  • It's pretty much shooting over and the other three or four men that was guard himself, very efficient.

  • Change the game.

  • Dirk is, Ah, one of the, uh, game changer in terms off how the game has changed for big guys and defensive end.

  • You have to be a smart player.

  • And not to say the players in the past weren't but you have to be able to know, All right, I'm the five man are more likely guarding a stretch four or stretch five to shoot threes.

  • My first inclination is when somebody gets beat to the basket that I have to go help, and then, as a result of helping that makes sure that makes the offensive players driving.

  • Kick it out, T o the big on the wing, and then that makes that caused the rotations.

  • So you have to be able to talk early, see if you're needed on the help side drive or you stay home.

  • And hopefully the other four guys could figure it out.

  • But you have to be able to move your feet at the mobile.

  • You basically have to be ah, you know, very nimble on your feet if you're a big guy.

  • If I was in high school at 72 as a big man, I'd work on ball handling drills, being ableto trouble up the court, read the defense, shoot three slash beer all around player, as opposed to just center, who just did specialized in the paint.

  • I want to be able to score and be a threat anywhere I am on the court.

  • I mean, I have the pleasure of working with a big guy right now, Joe.

  • Well, and he is extremely efficient in the post.

  • He can kill you from inside now.

  • So I mean, all I could say is he works on his game every day.

  • Very forceful, very powerful lifts works out and he puts himself in the best position possible.

  • Prepare preparing wise to be able to finish in the paint, back to the basket, turn face anything like that.

  • So I mean, I don't have to say, Just keep being in the lab, working on your game.

  • I love the year that I played in playing against those Miami Heat teams, Indiana and the Pacers going up against the tough Chicago teams.

  • I enjoy it.

  • You know, I got to play again.

  • Some of the best.

  • You know, I could look myself in the mirror and say, You know, I did my best win, lose or draw But it was exciting.

  • Time to play.

  • Appreciate the years I did play, and I hope that I can give back to the team that I'm on now.

  • Coaching wise.

  • Three.

  • Evolution of this pace and space game.

  • Big man could do more that stupid at acid that it's cute.

  • You're better off shooting the three.

I would say Don't pigeonhole players If they're really tall at a young age, don't pigeonhole him into one position.

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Roy Hibbert’s exclusive ESPN interview on the decline of the Big Man in the NBA

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