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  • with the events tonight was phenomenal.

  • And in our patients, you know, we anticipated traps.

  • I thought our guys did a great job.

  • Be quiet way Talk about it.

  • Didn't shoot around.

  • Just let him come move the ball.

  • Find the open guy.

  • Thought are passing in the first half.

  • Probably best we've had all year, but we do that because of the traps and our guys were patient.

  • A lot of times, guys want to force it early in the year, we would have forced when we played them early in the year, we didn't handle very well.

  • Tonight.

  • I thought our guys phenomenal in the first quarter, I thought our defense was absolutely the second quarter defense.

  • Really.

  • 14 points for the Raptors Way kept telling our guys the way we're playing offense.

  • We're gonna keep scoring, but if they scored, it's gonna be a close game.

  • At some point, one of the two teams are gonna play defense, and it was us in the second quarter.

  • They need to run 1/3 quarter Rex.

  • Want to do what we call his own?

  • I'm not sure what that defense is yet, but it was effective on so way just have so many long guys where we're getting so much switching way could be really good responses.

  • That Pat goes out so central to what you do.

  • Yeah, it was tough because we brought in Lou earlier than we wanted to.

  • Um, you know, we were literally running out of guards, You know, I'm looking down the badge, and then Derek is earns his hamstring so he can't come back in.

  • So you literally had Jerome and, uh, tears.

  • Man, we had one big love, so that was enough.

  • You know, we did it in the Indiana game.

  • That's why we went to the zone.

  • Just try to give guys a rest.

  • I don't have to run around.

  • And I thought our guys responded.

  • Well, no, no chance.

  • You know what?

  • I heard that I was like, You said there was no chance.

  • You sense I think you owe it meant a lot.

  • It meant a lot like again, I Some players just don't let you in.

  • But I can tell you that ovation to him was very heartfelt.

  • There's no doubt about that On admits a lot to him.

  • I thought What's Raptor did overall, like with video players coming out, All of them who played with a.

  • That's the best that I've seen since I've been in the league.

  • So I mean, that's That's a really classy move by the organization and then by by the fans as well, Dr.

  • Uh, bands Pat.

  • I don't know.

  • Uh, I don't know.

  • I know I called a play.

  • That's when we knew something was up because he didn't know what was going on.

  • So it was pretty hard hit, you know?

  • So we'll see.

  • So I was great.

  • What?

  • I love the bottom that's used patient.

  • Just wait.

  • Just wait, wait.

  • Kept except in the traps.

  • Kept making the right play know that barely got off school and everybody else is scoring.

  • And then the trap.

  • Stop turning on.

  • So that's just a veteran player that understands the game, says winning is more important on.

  • That was nice.

with the events tonight was phenomenal.

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A2 NBA quarter meant lot thought defense phenomenal

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