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  • I think the most wanted that access Is it gonna be safe?

  • And I know the n b A and the N B.

  • They work together to make this place a safe, responsible.

  • And I trust that, you know, I know I didn Today you got to do our job.

  • And I know that the baby is going to their job and then be able to the job too.

  • Give us a safe responsible to make this transition as easy as possible.

  • For us, this is gonna be the chapters like championship.

  • You could ever win, you know, because like the service sizes are really, really tough right now.

  • So whoever what?

  • Whoever wants it, more eyes going, be able to go out there and take it.

  • I welcome acted now are cool with 18 for Covino and Rich.

  • So that was God sent into Coop.

  • Oh, the reigning n b a n v p.

  • Clinton.

  • And you heard him talk about the safety in the campus environment.

  • But then at the end, talked about the difficulties of trying to win a championship.

  • There's been a lot of Astra.

  • It's talk about this particular bubble environment.

  • It seems like Yannis is on the side of this will actually be tougher than most in areas because of the mental Brian and the Restart.

  • Are you cool with that part of his kind?

  • I'm more than cool with that.

  • I think this is actually one of the things that about the honesty's personality realized.

  • This dude is really smart, and this is the very astute observation about how difficult this is going to be told you start their wishes.

  • GM time to shepherd a couple days ago and I asked him like So what's your preparation?

  • Handle that the mental part in terms of how you bond as a team.

  • But he was just like we got plans and turns hanging out, but we don't really know, You know.

  • It's gonna be there for you guys to point this out.

  • The asterisk.

  • Israel.

  • But the asterisk is a added level of difficulty, which is not how people usually look at this.

  • And now, of course, is a little bit self serving, obviously, because the books are competing for a championship and he wants it to be understood, this is gonna be easy, but that doesn't mean he's wrong.

  • This is an absolutely bizarre situation that if you manage to break alone Larry O'Brian trophy, that is more credit, not less.

  • And frankly, I don't know if I thought about that way brought it up.

  • I'm absolutely in agreement with you and with the honest I know, Shack was kind of the first of the old head superstar type, right to talk about an extra.

  • But let's face it and I love you Shack.

  • Okay, I love you know I love you Got nothing but love for it, but that's kind of your brand.

  • You've been labeling people with Asterix for years.

  • It started back in 99 with the Spurs, okay, as you were throwing shade at them.

  • So I get what you're trying to year.

  • But look, it is going to be more difficult.

  • We had raw political, the Lakers gm just talk about it Recently, we've had LeBron number for players.

  • Austin Rivers, most recently retained roots of bleacher report talk about this very thing, right?

  • That this challenge is unlike anything these players have ever seen.

  • Yeah, a ramp up to the season.

  • You stopped it literally less than a month before the playoffs start and then you get four months off, people think, Oh, that's easy.

  • No, it's not.

  • Some guys were out of shape.

  • Some guys love the work.

  • Their way into shape is a high risk of injury in this situation, and the enemy is doing everything they can to mitigate this thing.

  • And it's safe from a pandemic perspective, but from an injury perspective, giving them their room to have some training camps.

  • But I'm with you.

  • Just the wackiness of it all makes it way more difficult than any championship in any other sport.

  • And by away to me.

  • This also goes across the board for any of these sports that have to end up restarting if they need you.

  • And I think that what you make about the injuries versus the pandemics is important because they don't tale.

  • If you're worried with your every move, psychologically and physically about getting hurt or getting infected, that changes how you physically operate when you're actually doing your job, which, if your out of pocket out of sorts could end up to injury in a different way because you're not used to the routine.

  • This is much, much more difficult than people realize.

  • Players play well when they're motivated, happy and they feel they have something to with this case, it almost feels like everything is set up for something to lose.

  • And therefore, being ableto win in that kind of scenario to me is the mark of a champion as much as any other thing in terms of breaking a record in the regular season or whatever it is you may do, man, this is obviously out of admission.

  • The bucks might have moved to the top of my papers list.

  • Oh, there you go.

  • But as you pointed out to the again, this shouldn't be diminished.

  • We didn't think I was gonna be on these teams in some of these cases, like there's still food still trying to figure out if they're gonna play or not.

  • July 1st was supposed to be a deadline, but my understanding is it's a soft deadline.

  • So we'll have to see.

  • But I'm with you and I'm with the honest found Do it for us here on now or never make sure you check us out here on the now or never.

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I think the most wanted that access Is it gonna be safe?

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