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  • Clay Thompson has apparently tired off the notion that's out there, that it's over for the Golden State Warriors.

  • Their championship run is done that when Kevin Durant left, that hurt him.

  • When Clay Thompson got hurt when Steph Curry got hurt, that hurt him.

  • And he is now.

  • He said this in a documentary, which is detail ing his rehabilitation.

  • I'll just be that eager to prove everyone wrong again.

  • He thinks they're coming back Strong.

  • WILBON Do you agree with Clay Thompson?

  • Oh my goodness, I hope so, Tony.

  • I think they'll come back strong.

  • You could come back stronger doesn't mean you win a championship in the n B.

  • A tone.

  • Usually, once a team sort of gets to the top of the mountain is a knocked off or falls off.

  • The Warriors weren't knocked off.

  • They fell off because of injuries.

  • They usually don't get back.

  • An exception to that.

  • A great obvious exception of recent vintage would be the San Antonio Spurs, where they lost and and they got past the disappointment past the heartache past physical ailments, past age.

  • And they got back all the way to the top and they want it so the Spurs have done that.

  • Clay Thompson was in the league when that happened 2013 14 particularly when when the Spurs had to come back.

  • I think they can.

  • They have the right executive and Bob Myers.

  • They have the coach, Steve Kerr.

  • They have the culture, the atmosphere, the unselfish star players.

  • They have it all if they have good health.

  • But you gotta have good health to start cause we saw what happened last year.

  • So I'm gonna just point this out that before Kevin Durant got there, they went to two straight championships.

  • They won one of them in the next year.

  • They won 73 games with those three guys with Clay Thompson, Steph Curry and Draymond Green.

  • To me, you can get that and I look at the West.

  • I see the Clippers.

  • I see the Lakers.

  • I see Utah in Denver, maybe Houston.

  • Any Dallas.

  • Maybe that was the way up.

  • But here's what I think they got Kevin Durant on Kevin Durant fit in seamlessly because, as you said, they were unselfish with Kevin Durant.

  • Star players see that Mike, you telling me there's not a star player out there that doesn't want to go play with those three guys play for Steve Kerr, playing that spankin new arena and play in San Francisco.

  • You think couple would never do it?

  • You think Don Chicks would never do it?

  • Because I think there one guy away from from being right on top again and they have more than one guy Tony.

  • Not only could they attract some body next year, but only got a lottery pick, it could be a high lottery pick.

  • They could add somebody that gives them sort of that youthful exuberance as well as another star.

  • So I know.

  • Sorry, Clay, I'm not counting you guys out.

  • I am not counting out at all.

  • I'm not in that camp.

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Clay Thompson has apparently tired off the notion that's out there, that it's over for the Golden State Warriors.

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Klay Thompson says the Warriors aren't done and Wilbon and Tony agree | PTI

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