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  • who is gonna have the better Game one, Believe it or not, I think it's probably gonna be quiet.

  • I think it'll be close.

  • I think they'll both have pretty good games.

  • But I think that Kawai Leonard will have a slightly better game.

  • That doesn't mean they're gonna win this game, But it does mean that I think that he's gonna come out a little rested on where I covered him in the Eastern Conference finals.

  • He was dragging the thing that was so phenomenal about him.

  • He was doing it practically on one leg.

  • The rest is pivotal for him.

  • They want Saturday.

  • They've had these five days off before he gets to play again.

  • I think he's going to be rested.

  • I think that the Golden State Warriors will have better successful against them as the Siri's Wayne's.

  • But I wouldn't be surprised at all if tonight Kawai let it opens up and he has a slightly better game than Steph Curry.

  • I think they're both gonna have big games, but I think he could possibly have a slightly better game tonight, Max.

  • I think Kawai might be rusty to start the game, but by the end it will be quite Leonard who has the better game.

  • I think he's the best player in the world, and the reason is the differences at this point at this level who performs under pressure.

  • Maybe Steph Curry can come through under pressure in this series.

  • He can use the kind of fuel of people like me saying, Hey, I we haven't seen you at your best in the Finals yet as as motivation, Or he could be internally motivated to do better when it matters most and go off because he's certainly that talented.

  • That's not really how Kawai operates.

  • It doesn't seem to me why seems to be a sideboard from the future sent back in time to destroy everybody in the nd A, like the man has ice water in his veins, as though he doesn't know the difference between a practice in the off season and the finals.

  • Right?

  • He gets to his spot, he gets a good shot and he hits it on.

  • And then on defense, he's among the best who's ever lived.

  • But I think the long rest actually maybe makes the longest or the rest makes Kawai a little rusty to start the game.

  • But by the end it will be Kawai with the best game and it will be the Raptors who win it well.

  • Steph Curry has had double Steph Curry.

  • Curry has had double the amount of time off.

  • Why has sort of Russ is gonna affect anybody that affect him even more than it affects what?

  • I honestly don't know what's gonna happen tonight.

  • I know that the Warriors are going back to the Oracle for Game three with the series tied 11 I don't know what this game's one or two, but they will win one of these games in Toronto.

  • You know, I don't think they're going back to the Article two.

  • The other thing about Steph is his offense.

  • As much as he is like the greatest shooter ever agree, it's somewhat somewhat relies upon the picking, his pick and roll partner, his real crime partners called the Splash Brothers.

  • Oh, it's clay.

  • No, it's really Draymond.

  • And if Draymond has a problem with the length and the excellent defense off the rafters, then that may effect curry in term because that's his chicken roll partner.

  • So as much as they can throw great defender after great defender of Kawai and maybe not have to double in trap Draymond Clay Iguodala.

  • If the rafters do the same thing to Draymond knackered effect Curry.

  • I think that Draymond we got to give credit where credit's due.

  • He's lost like £23.

  • He's light of foot right now and he's he's he's quicker, faster than I've seen him in recent memory.

  • So he made sacrifices during the regular season specifically for the postseason run.

  • And as we've watched him in this postseason with the light await, we gotta ask ourselves whether that's gonna be a plus or minus, because on one hand this quickness in the speed is gonna work to his advantage.

who is gonna have the better Game one, Believe it or not, I think it's probably gonna be quiet.

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Kawhi will have a better Game 1 than Steph Curry but the Warriors will win - Stephen A. | First Take

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