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  • LeBron James complaining that he looks like top eggs from cast away because he's social distancing and he stuck in the house.

  • Now, of all the people that really need a haircut and there's there's no one there is.

  • No one knows more about hair custody.

  • All you really need a haircut.

  • Is the branches really suffering because you can't get so you're You brought up the topic?

  • I didn't bring it up.

  • We know that LeBron James is a terrific humanitarian and a Mount Rushmore basketball player of all time, and we all can't have everything.

  • It just how none of us are perfect.

  • And one of the things that in the gene pool was a Chris hairline.

  • And so we've seen him transform it over.

  • The years.

  • Were quadruple, had been, were a single man way seen.

  • Now he's gone away from the headband after the debacle.

  • Earlier in the year, Anthony Davis told him there was kind of sticking up like a chia pet.

  • So it was like, now fifties quarantine.

  • It talks to me about relationships.

  • It had a couple of people that wanted me to talk to you about this, that watch this show, she is 215 lashes, Andy.

  • Authentic and hope.

  • They all wanted me to say this to you.

  • You're a die easy person when you walk into the barbershop.

  • Was it from what we talk about?

  • This you asked me about You brought a barbershop right to LeBron James.

  • This is on top.

  • You asked me about LeBron James.

  • Fear cut.

  • Right.

  • So I'm telling you with my barber's told me As for those that don't know our show, Jacoby will walk into a barbershop.

  • It does not care.

  • The previous person that cut his hair, he's going to the empty chip he does not respect for in time is important to me.

  • Efficiency is important.

  • No, There's only to tell you your barber is like your therapist.

  • And if you go into therapy, how many different people will you choose to go to?

  • Well, I don't talk to my barber.

  • I'll put my ear buds in at my barbershop and not even have anything going into.

  • I just think I'm looked into something so I don't talkto I don't use them.

  • His therapist.

  • Your you might be opening up the shares and and, er medic, you might be crying talking about your childhood, Not That's not what I'm up to in the barbershop.

  • Not are going to you about who's better LeBron James or Michael Jordan.

  • I'm not I'm not talking to you about what Stephen A is really like.

  • Not only that.

  • I got my Mike airpods in not listen to anything.

  • Not even looking at my phone.

  • I'll close my eyes to and my hair goes fast.

  • My hair grows really fast.

  • I mean it up.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • Oh, yeah, I relax.

  • I got a lot of downtime.

  • I got three screaming kids.

  • Nice house.

  • No ive.

  • Here's one thing I've noticed about about the n b A players in the social distancing I've seen, I've seen a lot of of shots being shot and I just a lot of idle hands.

  • You know, there's a lot of this idle time commenting.

  • Liking posted I g.

  • A lot of tic tac videos like people got real time to be created with themselves and my question for you.

  • Do you take us behind the current on this one?

  • Is there be a player?

  • My prediction is this.

  • Everyone would come back and not this is not everyday places everybody.

  • Everybody's coming back 10 £50 overweight.

  • Everybody, everybody.

  • I'm already on it.

  • I'm gonna die in my stomach like man like J five.

  • Uh, every everybody's coming in overweight.

  • So tell me, as a professional athlete, thes MBA players are still hitting the James Harden.

  • They would doing two a days working out.

  • Or they may be to Kate's grandmother.

  • This is Ah, unfortunately, plays out like this in society is that those who have the fortune of having means toe have access to more.

  • And we talked about that on the show yesterday about the privilege that professional athletes have gotten as it related to being able to be tested for the Corona virus versus people that I have not been able to be tested, whether they've shown symptoms or not.

  • And so that's kind of how it's gonna play out in this situation.

  • If you make a like LeBron James, you got the gym into career.

  • You know that you got you got, you got the trainer old salary, the chef on salary, they still coming to cut the grass in the Bronx house.

  • Don't they go like, Do you know if my train's coming across America.

  • You could train me from over there.

  • If you train me, you train the road.

  • They're all you do is hear you.

  • You based I'm like, I'm not trying to see or touch anybody than that My last name.

LeBron James complaining that he looks like top eggs from cast away because he's social distancing and he stuck in the house.

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Jalen Rose reacts to LeBron James' 'Cast Away' look, Jacoby's barbershop behavior | Jalen & Jacoby

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