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  • the Lakers announcing an interesting move today.

  • Bringing in Yana said the decompose younger brother cost us in a two way deal last week.

  • Coincidently, the Bucks.

  • Added Yannis, his older brother, The Ness is So you know Yonas happens to be eligible for free agency in 2021 people with the Lakers only have one contract on the books.

  • If LeBron James Dobson to the final year of his deal now, they hope to also have a thingy.

  • Davis's deal on their books at that point.

  • But you know, is the Lakers, adding.

  • Costa's a sign of future plans, Mr ESPN Lakers reporters.

  • So I just just keep hearing KCP in my head when I hear about this, that was exactly where I was going.

  • Davies Caldwell.

  • Pope was signed by the Lakers on a one year deal in LeBron's last year in Cleveland and then allowed both sides clutch sports to kind of see how the Lakers run.

  • Things allowed.

  • The Lakers put their best foot forward as a organization like a like this would be a nice place for LeBron to join.

  • I'm not saying that there will be any be honest leaving the Bucks joining the Lakers summer 2021.

  • But this allows the Lakers to follow that same game plan where it's like you come.

  • That's Cuco family and compose family.

  • See how we run things.

  • Maybe this could be a place.

  • You Likas?

  • Well, yeah, they always do business this way.

  • The Lakers clearly.

  • And this is actually a sign.

  • If this were something nothing or everything, I would say it's something.

  • And here's the other part.

  • You mentioned this stuff with KCP.

  • Let's not forget in that particular instance, Rob Pelinka called him Monta from heaven.

  • This is prior to LeBron arriving with the Lakers.

  • So yeah, I believe there's some smoke here.

  • Of course, there doing their due diligence.

  • That's actually smart.

  • I'll give them credit for the way people don't think This is a reacher.

  • The MBA doesn't really work this way.

  • Remember when the Knicks traded for DeAndre Jordan and we all said, Oh, man, keep in mind he's close friends with Katie was like, DeAndre, Jordan is not gonna lower anyone to New York.

  • Well, it turned out that DeAndre Jordan did help get deliver Kevin Durant to New York, just a different New York.

  • And while you say, by the way, it's a sort of test and what the organization is like.

  • There were people around the next Sango.

  • Well, maybe he wasn't as happy with his experience, and he was one of the people you know, who knows what goes into these players decisions to go into them.

  • Costa Sense of Campo, though, will apparently be in the Laker system.

  • You could read into that what you will.

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the Lakers announcing an interesting move today.

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