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  • What?

  • You got your rhythm going out.

  • It's a maker.

  • Mislead.

  • Amazing Make jokes.

  • James Harden is purchased a minority stake in the investment group that controls the Houston Dynamo of the MLS.

  • So you know the rival L.

  • A Galaxy had to weigh in.

  • They commented on Twitter travel.

  • I don't know.

  • That is that the Embiid School of trolling is ever just trying to be Joel.

  • I feel like, indeed, I'm gonna give him credit for being much more creative.

  • Yeah, for sure.

  • And the Galaxy should be worried about LFC tonight in the big rivalry game and George bringing the soccer knowledge, we now have to move on to the next topic.

  • Missed egg avatar JJ Reddick admitting on his podcast.

  • He has a burner account.

  • Apparently, that's what people who played or worked in Philadelphia do.

  • Named Samuel Johnson, he said he followed five people, including, Are a Dream or Janowski Ramona Shelburne for news.

  • JJ claims it has been deactivated that he just used it for the busy for agency and trade season.

  • Did you guys have burner accounts?

  • No.

  • First of all, it's Twitter.

  • No one knows when you're on or off, so why did you tell?

  • Because he made a big deal about how he was taking all the social media office phone and how it changed his life.

  • You know, you don't have to post.

  • You can just get on there.

  • That was about the burner count office.

  • And so his point was that he didn't want to stand there and based social media.

  • You shouldn't do it and then do it.

  • But the O cover, which I love about JJ, make Marcus bark dinning showing on Twitter and keeps his ball handling tight.

  • Little dog defending my dog should be named Marcus Park.

  • Marcus.

  • Smart, I I'm I'm out on this.

  • I would be flattered if I were market smart in that situation.

  • If that was my dogs named Riley, interestingly enough?

  • Yes, I'd be flattered, but I wouldn't feel comfortable that age won't trade a minute with the second go trained dog is on the block.

  • There you go, Miss Stevenson.

  • Lance Stephenson, we know loves that air guitar.

  • Right?

  • There goes on.

  • Look, it's hereditary lands showing this on instagram his daughter.

  • So who does it better?

  • Big or little?

  • Stevenson?

  • Ongoing little The little girl's cute.

  • Now I do I do?

  • Enjoy Lance's, uh, I would say in game trolling, but come on, look how cute that she starts blowing in people's ears.

  • That's a different story.

  • Like the flexing idea.

  • I actually think that's like the better part of it in the air guitar.

  • Oh, there we go.

  • I mean, she's got it going on.

  • Yeah, we're gonna move on.

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James Harden gets trolled by LA Galaxy after buying stake in MLS team | The Jump

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