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  • man.

  • I admire Frank Vogel before today, and certainly after that I felt a couple interesting things, he said.

  • First of all, just having to break the news to the entire team on the plane.

  • When you hear that, it's just it hurts.

  • I didn't think about that stuff, right?

  • That's a lot.

  • I also, if I was interesting, someone asking him toward the end about whether they were going to now win this title for Kobe, what we were just talking about on the air and I thought his answer was very smart because again, if you say yes, we're going to do that, which I'm sure is what they want to say.

  • It's what there is in their hearts.

  • And then you can't control everything in life.

  • And if you don't end up winning, it's that you failed him.

  • So his quote at the beginning of the presser was, We want to represent what Kobe was about, he said.

  • Again and again at the end.

  • We want to represent when he stood for and I think that that's a great way for them.

  • Oh, absolutely So for them, he also was talking about that they had become a family in a very short time, and that's really struck me as I've watched the team through this season.

  • And it actually reminds me a little bit of your 2008 team because Anthony Davis comes in.

  • You have a wholesale change of players, free agents.

  • You have guys who went out in that trade and everything and I have seen, and we've talked about the comparisons between the Clippers chemistry and the Lakers chemistry.

  • This Lakers team.

  • They have so much fun together, you can see it in the locker room.

  • What did you guys do in Boston that reminds you away that these Lakers aren't might be ableto band together?

  • As Frank just said in this unspeakable, We have a lot of great moments off the court, a lot of great, and there's a lot of times we get to the hotel, maybe a player in a suite.

  • We all get together, have food, play some pool.

  • It was a lot of things that we did off the court.

  • As you saw earlier in the show, you saw the Lakers out on the field making a soccer ball.

  • You know, we play, we have softball games.

  • I mean we did a number of things just to kind of keep that closeness, that family feel that together, that brotherly feel on.

  • And it just wasn't about just basketball all the time because we spent a lot of time together off the court that I mean to me that those are the best team.

  • That's how you become family.

  • It's how you become brother.

  • That's when you're gonna run through a wall for your brother instead of just your teammate.

  • And I was actually got a chance to catch this team in Brooklyn.

  • Um, the other night and I was talking to boogie before the game and they move is a unit.

  • Dinner, lounges, movies.

  • They're all together, you know what I mean?

  • And you see the enthusiasm in the youthfulness.

  • And like I said that some of these guys have been through the wars.

  • They know what it takes it in their rallying these guys together.

  • Guys like Dwight Howard who are having a career saving years.

  • They have a lot of key pieces, a really big team in a special team and, like he said, they want to represent Kobe the right way in all aspects.

  • But they're their goal is to win a championship.

  • Danny Green told me on my podcast is the most fun team he's a replayed on.

  • I thought that statement was amazing when you think about He was in Toronto won the championship last year.

  • The Spurs teams that won and his first teams are big dinner.

  • The Spurs or Big dinner go out different by we ask players We knew the Spurs or more like a wine like pollen.

  • Him turned out we turned through a different kind of fun, right?

  • Absolutely and again when terrible tragedy strikes.

  • If you have that base, if you do feel extremely with the guys with you, if it's been off the court and not just the stuff on the court, what Frank said, that you can go through this together and not this could not break us apart anyway.

  • I buy all of that, and it is tremendous to see him take on the burden of speaking for everyone today.

  • That is no small thing.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.


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