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  • I know you were there in the building on Saturday night in Toronto.

  • What was your biggest take away from that game?

  • Because Tibbs and I have been going back and forth on it a little bit this morning.

  • What did you take away from that game?

  • Well, a couple of things I got to give coach.

  • First of all, Messiah.

  • Jerry just deserves all the credit in the world.

  • And Charles Barkley and I were talking about it postgame in terms off the level of coverage that he displayed.

  • You know, you got a Coach of the Year and Dwayne Casey, who, by the way, I feel so sorry for because I have no doubt in my mind that if he had Kawai lender without having to go through LeBron James in the Eastern Conference, he'd be right where Nick nurses today.

  • But you can't take any credit away from Nick Nurse and a phenomenal job that he did coaching his team and making the transition from putting Kowa let it onto the Greek free come Game three.

  • That's number one Messiah.

  • Jerry the general manager president.

  • Baseball operations rather toe trade.

  • Teoh fire the coach of the Year after 59 win season and then to get rid of your best player in the martyr Rosen.

  • For a guy that may Onley end up being in Toronto for one year, that takes incredible coverage and incredible belief in yourself, and what you can do is an executive.

  • So he deserves so much credit and then last but not least, you know, you just look at a guy I know.

  • Kyle Lowry is the name that comes to mind.

  • Shot 50% from the field.

  • Ah, shot better than 40% from three point range really showed up in the conference finals.

  • Hey was definitely impressive, but I can't say enough about Fred VanVleet and what he meant to this team coming off the bench, particularly the last three games since this child was born.

  • The guy was shooting like 82% from three point range in the last three games, hit 14 of 17 threes over the last three games.

  • He was an absolute spark plug and the Dynamo coming off the bench.

  • And I believe if it were not for his efforts coming off the bench, that Toronto may have lost this series because there was plenty of times where he stopped the bleeding.

  • And you can't give him enough credit for what he did over these last three games.

  • Fair and look all the credit in the world to all those guys in Toronto.

  • I agree.

  • There has been some criticism here and in other places, off the Bucks and in particular off their coach, Mike Budenholzer, who might wind up being the coach of the year and obviously did a great job there this year.

  • You know, with a 15 point lead late in the third quarter, their offense I don't even know.

  • It would be an insult to offense anywhere, to call what they ran on offense for the last 16 minutes of that game.

  • And D J was critical of him taking the honest out of the game in the third quarter with that big lead taking him out at all.

  • Yeah, in DJ's words, are put words in his mouth.

  • You gonna have to go for the jugular there and put that game away because your season is on the line.

  • Did you have any issue with the way that game was handled on the Milwaukee bench?

  • Of course I did because he didn't make any adjustments.

  • He's my coach of the year's, an exceptional coach, but I think it's two things that you know people forget, you know?

  • Listen, he was once an assistant in San Antonio when Kawai was there.

  • That's number one number two, Obviously great Popovich being a mentor on a big brother to a guy like Mike Budenholzer.

  • I mean, if anybody would know Kawai, it would be him.

  • Come up with some remedy, the kind of neutralize him.

  • That's not what Buddha knows it did in this particular Siri's.

  • But the biggest thing it really wasn't about coach.

  • And even though you can point to some of the things he could have done better and there is no question he's still in exceptional coach.

  • Still my coach of the year he can't make shots for these guys are Brook Lopez.

  • He had some good moments.

  • Some bad.

  • Meritus was weak throughout this series.

  • It's over.

  • He made a few shots, but ultimately wasn't as formidable as he could have been.

  • The only and Bledsoe don't get me started.

  • I mean, this do came in tow like gained five shooting 10% from three point range That's two of 19 3 pointers.

  • Many, many times throughout this series.

  • They backed up off of him, and it appeared to be four or five basketball on the on the offensive end of the floor for the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • They were they were operating at a disadvantage.

  • And so when you look at it from that perspective and you recognize the fact that Malcolm Brogdon was the only individual that seemed to be capable off making a play off the dribble other than the Greek freak, Yana said that the group Oh, there's a 24 year old dude who's six feet 11 who is basically a presence in a dominant presence in the interior.

  • Get his behind down on the block, do something there.

  • But there's this scheme seemed to be.

  • Let him dribble the ball, let him penetrate into the teeth of the defense.

  • Even if there's four guys waiting for him, charge right into them and then try to kick it out to an open shooter.

  • Those Open shooters weren't making shots.

  • The wall that Toronto present it was too much for him, and in the end you also had one of the elite defenders this game has ever seen in Kawai.

  • Lenin defending him over the last four games.

  • So why would you ask him to dribble the boys 24 years old?

  • No matter how gifted he is, you're going up against Kowal in it.

  • One of the things you might not want to do against Kowa is dribbled a ball too much.

  • These are the kind of things that I think voting hold voter knows there should have seen, and unfortunately, even he didn't see it or he saw it and felt helpless against it because his other guys just weren't making shops.

I know you were there in the building on Saturday night in Toronto.

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