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  • you have guys standing out there heaving up threes.

  • That's really not three point shooters.

  • Well, it just tells me that the millennials these players more than millennials, are focused on developing their skills on the perimeter.

  • You looking taller, guys?

  • Now, uh, then gravitating more to that three point line, which it kind of baffles me more than anything because it's, ah, a lower percentage shot number one second.

  • You know, if you're physically menacing, like a LeBron or Jolan being while when you want to take advantage off Ah, your your your man they got is guarding you.

  • Why would you want to take advantage of him down there on the block closer to that basket which is gonna force teams to to to double and triple team you, which in turn, both of them are great passers, Which in turn, was, you know, you confined open, man, you know.

  • Whoa.

  • Who will get wide open threes, you know, on I like playing the game that way, you know?

  • But I'm old school, you know, I'm from a different area that we felt like that was one of the most effective way.

  • But now, from analytic standpoint, I think people see it a lot differently.

  • Well, I went too far removed from being able to knock down a shot from the perimeter here in here, you know, And I wasn't too far removed from being able to put the ball on the floor.

  • Uh, Tim Duncan was the same way, you know?

  • I mean, both around the same height.

  • And, you know, occasionally we knock a shot down from the perimeter and we could can take a couple dribbles and hand the ball off.

  • Ah, but we weren't fixed on heaving up three pointers.

  • You know, that just wasn't something that we saw that would benefit our teams.

  • You know, in a way, for us, our team to be effective was was for us to kind of dominating the painted area, you know?

  • So and it was effective.

  • It was very effective, you know, when they helped on teams out tremendously, it was dark.

  • Noveski.

  • Dirk was a guy that kind of stood out because he was seven feet.

  • And, you know, you had to put a smaller man on, which made him even more factor because you felt like them.

  • If you had a smaller player on Dirk.

  • Then you keep your big man inside.

  • You know what the flip side of that is?

  • Dirt would just shoot right over top of him.

  • So you had to put Ah, 6667 guy, maybe a small Ford on him to kind of get up under him.

  • But a lot of times, you know, he was shoot right over top of.

  • Well, first of all, I could shoot.

  • I can pass, I could defend with the best of him on I could run like a deer so I could have survived easily.

  • I would have my game with a compliment in this game, for sure.

  • You know, I would have probably been Anthony Davis type of player.

  • Well, I'm a little bias.

  • I was a defensive oriented player, and, um, I was about forcing my will on my opponent.

  • And with the way the game is being called a day, then it would have limited me on my aggressiveness towards my opponent because the game is called a lot closely now.

  • And this is they've taken away the physicality of the game, you know?

  • So I'm a little biased from that perspective, you know, so rather lean more towards how the game was being played in the nineties.

  • I thought it was an exciting time.

  • You know, I think people gravitated toward that type of play.

  • But I will tell you this.

  • Adam Silver has done a tremendous job he really has and evolving and revolutionizing the game toe where it is today simply because our ratings have increased.

  • Um, we're becoming, um, more and more popular globally popular sport behind soccer on and I'm excited with the direction of Game is going in simply because I know, uh that the way the game is being played on the perimeter now it's really forcing these young kids today that's watching it to develop their game and skills on the perimeter level because you're going to see more dirt novice keys.

  • You're gonna see more Steph Curry's.

  • You're gonna see more of those type of players simply because, uh, these younger players from around the globe are watching the game of basketball because basketball is in so many countries now there watching this and they're watching the way the game is being played, and I feel like by watching it, it's going to encourage them to develop their games, even Mawr, and you can see more and more talented perimeter oriented players coming into this league for years and years to come.

  • Three.

  • Evolution of this pace and space game.

  • Big man could do more that stupid at ass about this cute.

  • You're better off shooting the three.

  • I'll be Michael Jordan in this I'm old school have to adapt or attend sports.

you have guys standing out there heaving up threes.

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