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  • his reps are reportedly fighting a league wide reputation that he will not take a lesser role there.

  • Fighting this.

  • There's this perception that Carmelo Anthony is demanding that he needs to play, and he's got a certain expectations when it comes to minutes and his role in starting Jalen.

  • My question for you is how is the perception like this, turning to the reality of him not being on a team as it relates the entertainment, jobs and opportunities?

  • I don't use this d word a lot.

  • He deserves to be in India.

  • He does.

  • For all that he's accomplished for what he can still bring to the table.

  • I feel like he's being white ball from the league.

  • So can they changed his perception?

  • Can his agents change the perception?

  • I think you start trying to change the perception.

  • Once the press conference at O.

  • K.

  • C happens, people are gonna always point back almost like Allen, Iverson said.

  • Practice, not a game.

  • He's accomplished so many great things in his career, but they're going to show two clips crossing over Jordan or stepping over Tyler, the good ones and then the funny one that I like the practice with Carmelo Anthony when he went toe, okay, See?

  • And did the quip about them bringing him off the bench and made it a joke.

  • GOP?

  • They said I was gonna start.

  • League executives frowned upon that, but it didn't matter at that point because he still got a chance to ball with them and go on, Do it or not, that mean down Lori gave my job, brought him into Houston.

  • We all expected that toe work, you know he's gonna get is gonna be a spot up shooter all of a sudden.

  • And after what, 10 games?

  • He was out.

  • You know, it's something happened there that we don't know about which I feel like it's kind of stuck with him.

  • Well, here's what I think and how much good.

  • Just be frank with you.

  • He and Mike D'Antoni never had the best relationship in New York City, and it carried, in my opinion to Houston.

  • And when he saw an inkling of Carmelo Anthony not performing at optimum level, he decided he wasn't gonna have him in the rotation.

  • So if you are Carmelo Anthony's agent or one of his representatives made his manager, how do What do you do?

  • What action do you take to sort of change this?

  • There's no action greater than a future Hall of Famer giving you his word.

  • That's the action.

  • Here's the fork in a row.

  • That's unfortunate for Carmelo, and I believe there so many teams he could play for looking at you.

  • Nets, for example.

  • O K d.

  • This year.

  • Slide in writing.

  • What kind of read?

  • Well, here's the fork in the road.

  • Vince Carter still playing and if you ask, the average fan worries plan this year, saying, Oh, no.

  • But he never had that moment, where people can attach him to a perception that he didn't want to accept the lesser role as a future hall of fame.

  • So now you look up.

  • Were this been these last five years?

  • Can you?

  • I lost track of the teams he's played for the last half.

  • Elite, not contenders, Correct.

  • But he just wants to play the game that he loves.

  • And so I hope Melo gets a shot.

  • But for me, it's been no different for Colin Kaepernick, Mark Jackson and in a different way now, Carmelo Anthony.

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his reps are reportedly fighting a league wide reputation that he will not take a lesser role there.

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Carmelo Anthony's reps are fighting to change his reputation, according to a report | Jalen & Jacoby

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