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  • of course, David Griffin is now with the Pelicans, formerly with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  • While LeBron James was there and he said this.

  • He basically said that after the Cavaliers famously went down 30 to the wars.

  • Fought all the way back.

  • Brought that title to Cleveland that LeBron always wanted.

  • Bring to that city that LeBron wasn't the same animal about winning after that.

  • Interesting.

  • Do you think that LeBron James has sort of scratched the championship itch?

  • And he's no longer the same dedicated obsessed with winning championships player that he used to be.

  • Two sides to this story is David Griffin, right?

  • At that moment, absolutely right.

  • Why LeBron James I's got set on Los Angeles to the plan to go to L.

  • A.

  • Didn't just just happen overnight.

  • This is something that had to be set in place in our reality.

  • As he cleared the way to get to Los Angeles and become a Laker, it is hard to take a deep dive in and focus on your team 110% to the year Prior he was set in on winning a championship in Cleveland.

  • This meant something LeBron James had approved not just to himself, but to the entire world that he could win a championship with his team.

  • Not Dwayne Wade's team.

  • That Pat Riley, not Chris Bosh, is seen, but with his team.

  • And once he did that, the pressure was let off.

  • And now LeBron could be a little more selfish and think about himself.

  • And within that we talking championship.

  • Jacoby.

  • Right, We talking championship talking championship.

  • LeBron James.

  • This is going 95% in on a championship, maybe 5% out on getting L.

  • A.

  • Maybe staying healthy, whatever may have been added into the equation.

  • So David Griffin was absolutely right.

  • For what he said.

  • It's interesting.

  • I think the two things could be true at the same time.

  • One dinner if it can be right about that season, right after winning the championship, still wearing the Cavs uniform?

  • Maybe LeBron James wasn't locked in as he once was after the victory parade in Cleveland.

  • However, I also believe this second thing to be true.

  • That's changed now after missing the playoffs after watching these other players be considered the best player in the league.

  • The Durant's the co wise after watching the entire playoffs play out after people no longer talking about him.

  • The same after engineering Anthony Davis to his team.

  • I think he is that winning animal again.

  • I think this year is going to be the LeBron James Vengeance Year, where he reminds everybody once again that he is the best player in the N B A.

  • Do you think that that could happen?

  • Absolutely agree.

  • And here's the intangible that LeBron James has that people don't understand when I say he is the greatest of all time is because he knows how to take that switch and turn it on and turn it off.

  • See, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant.

  • These guys never turned their champion switch off.

  • And maybe that.

  • That's why those air your your goats magic chances turn off like Bernie.

  • Turn off.

  • LeBron James knows how to play at literally the highest level of basketball, a championship level in the nose.

  • You know LeBron knows how to do.

  • Let me save it for tomorrow.

  • Let me save it for the next year.

  • I know Anthony Davis say here I know Boogie Cousins and the rest of these guys aren't here.

  • I know that MBA in the championship hopes heart here the same.

  • So I'm gonna average 28 88.

  • I'm a cruise to it because I'm going to say what I have to get a championship the next year, and I believe LeBron is smart enough to where he knows how to turn that thing on it off.

  • Trust me, brother.

  • I seen it before, and I think that's what Griffin's getting to in a certain degree is like your LeBron turned it on and he got that championship.

  • And then maybe the next year he wasn't hungry.

  • Maybe he wasn't the same winning animal to use Griffin's words, but I think that winning animal is going to be back this year like I really have high expectations for these Lakers.

  • A lot of it has to do because they'll be powered by vengeance.

  • LeBron James and I'm so here for Venice.

  • LeBron James.

  • I just wish Lance Stephenson was still in the team.

of course, David Griffin is now with the Pelicans, formerly with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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David Griffin is right about LeBron's post-title thirst for winning - Ryan Hollins | Jalen & Jacoby

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