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  • It's time for you to take us behind the curtain.

  • So this is a good one.

  • This is one that Onley, someone who played many years in the National Basketball Association can explain.

  • I do not understand what Kevin Knox had to say.

  • Let's listen first to what Kevin Knox had to say, he said.

  • The following quote.

  • It's going to be great for us.

  • I don't think nobody is guaranteed playing time.

  • No starting lineups, no minutes.

  • None of that.

  • His voice that in a message he sends us, everyone has toe earn their minutes this year earned their position.

  • We've got guys now that's going to play hard talk trash, all scrimmage long, even though we're one big family smiles and stuff after the game.

  • But in between those lines, it's totally different team this year.

  • Interesting.

  • When you think about the Knicks, they do have a lot of players that deserve playing time.

  • A lot of players that think that they should be featured, but only so many spots on the floor.

  • What take us behind the curtain?

  • What is Kevin Knox saying about the no starting lineups in the scrimmage is basically I look for this year's Knicks to resemble a version of what I saw with the Clippers last year, a team that didn't have all stars.

  • But I said the first day they put that roster together, they got a bunch of vets that know who they are.

  • That's why they've been in the league for a long time and hope to continue to be looked at those names.

  • There's 10 names up there.

  • I don't see one player that doesn't deserve to be in the rotation and I don't see one.

  • And that's what you're trying to build if you don't have a superstar, if that was the case, you build around that person.

  • But when you don't have that person, you build two teams.

  • So now Elfrid Payton.

  • When he's going well, and he's flirting with a triple double and he's locking down, picking up 94 feet, he's gonna get more minutes saying with Dennis Smith Jr.

  • So I like what I like.

  • The couple.

  • I like how they composed this roster based on the check.

  • A lot of people felt like they didn't get the knockout free agent, which they didn't, but I wanna 0.1 person out.

  • Julie is rent?

  • Yes, all start.

  • What?

  • Everybody not paying attention to Let me tell you.

  • Awesome.

  • What?

  • Zion.

  • Averaging college last year.

  • That's what Julius Randle average in the MBA last year.

  • 22 8 When you look at the Eastern Conference in the power for position, there aren't many established lake and honor in All Star Blake.

  • And then who?

  • Blake In fruit.

  • Horford, Blake.

  • Free Horford.

  • Those will be the probably always somebody out whenever we do.

  • You know, you're talking about Aaron Gordon.

  • Wherever you look, you see the force that they have got more.

  • So you know he going with this?

  • They go night not to Bobby Moore horses and coming to camp like I'm not gonna start.

  • I'm going to be reserved.

  • Nobody is on that list.

  • I'm telling everybody I love what the Nets did last year.

  • I love with the Clippers Did last year.

  • I looking for the Knicks, coached by David Fizdale, whose four take just getting got to play hard and development to do that with this roster, they will be flirting with a playoff spot.

  • I think they're gonna make the plows is here.

  • I think this is the year that they make the playoffs very quickly.

  • One general manager of an MBA team had something very interesting to say to Sean Debney of heavy dot com.

  • He said The following quote.

  • We've been getting calls all summer.

  • There are a lot of things we are considering.

  • The dust settles a little.

  • You're aware of your weaknesses in your holes, so you find ways to address that.

  • I think we're going to see more of that than usual.

  • I think if you look at the market, there's going to be a very brisk trade market this winter for a few reasons.

  • Basically, what he's saying is you will see more player movement during the season this season than you have in previous seasons.

  • Do you think that will be the case?

  • No surprise at all, Really.

  • That's just a graduation from what happened this offseason, when you have Finals MVP's like Cavey and Kowa changing teams, all MBA players like Anthony Davis, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook, Russell Westbrook, Christian Butler like, think of these names, this is the Dream Team and so now when those guys are settled and is so many dynamic duels around the league, it's about building out your roster composition.

  • Except you can't necessarily make those moves, especially for players that just got signed until, like the second week of December, when North players like D.

  • Angelo Russell, for example, become available to be a part of trades.

  • That's when you're going to see the moves that now we didn't realize that we were going to be able to acquire who we got.

  • Now we got to keep building around them, so I definitely anticipate this taking place.

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It's time for you to take us behind the curtain.

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