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  • Draymond Green had some interesting things to say last night.

  • Five blocks last night, we went over the Blazers.

  • He was asked by Marcus Thompson of the athletic.

  • About who?

  • The best defender of all time.

  • Waas.

  • Ramen gave a great response.

  • Theo.

  • Best ever.

  • Defender me, Me, That's what I believe wholeheartedly, Mr Scottie.

  • Pip and I have been waiting all morning to talk to you about this, our secretary of defense and certainly someone in the conversation for the best defender ever in the league.

  • How do you feel about this?

  • I feel like that guy should have never asked that question.

  • That's the question that has a numerous amount of answers, and every player is going to give their own opinion.

  • Draymond Green is a tremendous defender.

  • He it's more of a great team defender than the individual defender, but I give him a lot of credit because he does a lot of things on the defensive end being the guy that's playing 6667 what he does in the points in the paint.

  • But he's not the guy that you put on your best player.

  • So how can he consider himself the best defender ever.

  • Um, I watched them play in the finals against LeBron James, who we say is the best player in the game.

  • I never saw him going LeBron James that you guys watched where LeBron stepped over him and there was a blow, but but not not not designed to cover.

  • But I'm not taking anything away from his defensive intensity in the way that he plays the game.

  • I love the way he plays, does a lot of things for a small guy, but he's not the best defender in the game ever.

  • You have to be a better own ball defender and not just a team defender.

  • So who if I asked you that if I'm Marcus Thompson, who, uh, who do you think is the best defender ever?

  • I mean, that can be answered in a lot of different ways.

  • I mean, Kim Bay, the tumble was the best defender is for us in the paint, but I could save Manu.

  • Bo was right there with him, you know?

  • So those are different lines of defense guys that you know what causes you to Achter shots, guys that blocked shots but then we could go to the Michael Jordan.

  • We can go to Kawai, guys that gets out and plays, got on the perimeter, making them turn and do things like that.

  • So that's really not one individual.

  • That's been the greatest dream months, one of the most versatile defenders.

  • Also, I want to point out the last night he played seven minutes with five fouls, played awesome deep and tell a bunch of little Kurt, Don't take me out.

  • You don't take me out.

  • Which is not a surprise, Scotty.

  • Of course, we would put you in that category as well, and I know you're not going to say it for yourself.

  • Draymond has no problem saying it for himself, but it is an interesting discussion that will continue.

Draymond Green had some interesting things to say last night.

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Scottie Pippen reacts to Draymond Green calling himself the best defender ever | The Jump

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