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  • 40% of the N B.

  • A is a free agent 100% of the players.

  • So but ultimately Kevin Durant, Kwai Leonard.

  • Until they make a decision, that kind of holds up a lot of the bigger stuff, and then you'll see the floodgates open.

  • But we're going to see a lot of deals today.

  • Let's talk about that with Kawai and K D.

  • You and Ramona reporting that yesterday about them discussing scenarios with which they could end up on the same team, the two teams that were listed with the Knicks and Clippers.

  • If you're the next in clippers and hear that, how might you react now and move forward with this information?

  • I think both cautious because there's so many scenarios where you have so many great players in free agency.

  • You have four big market teams into in New York, two in L.

  • A.

  • With multiple max salary slots, and so there's a lot of combinations that could go in the play.

  • That's a combination they have been talking about to see if there's any common ground there.

  • There's something that fits both of them.

  • You're talking about two of the best three or four players by anybody's measure in the world.

  • But I think for quite a Leonard, New York is really while he may meet with them.

  • They're not really a prime consideration.

  • I think both are taking the Clippers seriously.

  • I don't know that that duo that that combination is a front runner toe happen, but it has been a conversation, and we'll see how it plays out here in the next 24 48 hours.

  • Let's talk about timing, though, because you do say we're going to get a flurry at six PM But on the other hand, Kawai and Katie are taking meetings throughout the week, so it could be a few days before you get a decision from them.

  • If that were the case, how could it impact what happens in free agency?

  • If we have to wait a few days?

  • Well, let's look at the Brooklyn Nets, for example.

  • They're hopeful that they're gonna enter into an agreement tonight with Kyrie Irving, but they're not offering that second Max slot until they know what Kevin Durant's doing.

  • And then once Durant makes a decision, once quite, Leonard makes a decision.

  • Then the dominos start to fall, whether It's players like Jimmy Butler, Tobias Harris in Philadelphia who they very much want to re sign.

  • Al Horford is out there in free agency, and so once Durant Kawai move, then you start to see.

  • You'll start to see more big players come off the board.

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40% of the N B.

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Kawhi and KD are taking the Clippers seriously in free agency - Woj | SportsCenter

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