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  • I see Booth in the back of your mind.

  • Maybe you're thinking about a little bit.

  • I don't like that happens.

  • I just have a roast.

  • Are here.

  • One question.

  • I would like you talked about the fact that you would like to join.

  • Why is that?

  • You know, you look at, you know to parents is he hasn't the whole lot successor.

  • And some people might find greener pastures.

  • They want so much writing, not for one ever start somewhere.

  • Try to finish their try to complete The mission was to win championship here.

  • So you'll never be me.

  • That must go anywhere.

  • I love being here.

  • Stay the course.

  • Is trading around this game a long enough?

  • You know, this time of your rumors, does that make it easier for you?

  • What time of year it is and things get bantered about.

  • I've been dealing with this since contrary, So trade rumors will always come around another year.

  • It's that time of year on June, anywhere where I started, these questions started so before coming.

  • But, hey, I'm just gonna continue to play that way.

  • Whatever.

  • Have it second spoke to about this whole situation?

  • E wasn't really much talked about, you know, again, like nothing that's imminent.

  • They're finding tomorrow listening.

  • What they got.

  • What anything about sacred?

  • Explain these games.

  • Great.

  • A lot of confidence.

  • Talkto assistant on the course.

  • I'm trying to keep him going while he's in the game.

  • He does get a little lost sometimes, but I very good listener.

  • Hell of an athlete and a great defender as well.

  • So $2 dollars, Two starts before taking.

  • Playing with him.

  • A girl's first teenager to do that.

  • Since a guy named Andre Companies, he's present his boys.

  • I mean, for a kid who hasn't played much, it'll get first games going up against a whitelighter dream on Green Lane.

  • No, he's a tough case.

  • I mean, you were playing aggressively for a long time.

  • Already.

  • Facilities already already has a token.

  • Just work.

  • Just learning the game.

  • Just learning.

  • The players are honestly in 30 money, so I think he's doing a great job plan to invest in the best of his ability.

  • Subtle difference with the roles.

  • Starting quarter.

  • Help you today.

  • Just the pace of the game, obviously, Derrick pushing the pace.

  • You know, again, guys going early and finds the shots easy to roll, so makes it easy for all of us in the place.

  • That way.

  • What is it like when the report comes out, you look down your phone and the whole world friends, family, everybody's I I just meant for you person like, I think I have a question already.

  • Good, good.

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I see Booth in the back of your mind.

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Andre Drummond wants to stay with the Pistons despite trade rumors | NBA Sound

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