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  • All right, let's welcome in ESPN NB analyst Ryan Hollins.

  • All right, right.

  • Let's start off with this shove of Kyle Lowry.

  • Now you played before.

  • You've had situations where fans have come a little bit up close and personal, possibly crossing the line.

  • I want people to understand what is it like as a player in those situations, when you feel fans coming into your personal space, it's tough because you got to show incredible restraint.

  • You're fired up from the game.

  • You're competing at the highest level literally.

  • And in the n b A finals, it doesn't get any higher.

  • And when the fans are taking it, they've taken it one step too far.

  • See, some fans have this mindset that they haven't just bought a ticket to the game.

  • They bought a player.

  • They bought a stake.

  • They have some bit of Well, I know this was a minority owner, but he didn't have ownership within the game to do what he had done.

  • And it's a common behavior even behind what we saw yesterday.

  • Is there a line in your mind?

  • Is it touching?

  • Is it something else is absolutely aligned when you touch me in a derogatory manner.

  • Physical.

  • See, there was a difference.

  • Let's say Kyle dives into the stands and he just puts his hands up to protect him or his significant other.

  • A friend who was at the game with him perfectly when is within his rights.

  • But then he gets aggressive.

  • He physically grabbed his jersey, and there's derogatory words that were said.

  • Now look at the flip side, right.

  • If Karl Ari assaults this fan after being provoked in a in a moment of, you know, emotional frustration done, we jump all over car way would jump right, be done.

  • I don't even know if he'd be playing the rest of the series.

  • So, looking at that, what do you the N B A.

  • Always says the right things, and I'm not knocking them, but they've said, Look, we're looking into this.

  • There's an investigation.

  • The Warriors are saying There's no place for this.

  • I get all of that.

  • What do you want to see happen?

  • Because this has come up time and again came up with Russell Westbrook.

  • Things happen to Bradley Beal earlier this year.

  • What do you want to see the n B A do about?

  • We got a slavish lines, and maybe the provision says, Right now, on the back of your ticket, there's a disclaimer for the fans that say, Hey, you're within your rights to do X, Y and Z you know, watch your language, watch your behavior.

  • There's a code of conduct there.

  • Maybe that needs to be reinforced.

  • Maybe it needs to be louder than on the ticket.

  • Maybe there's a waiver that you signed before you sit in the first or second rose to make fans even more cognitive off their interactions with players with teams.

  • And you wonder how long you put a guy like Mark Stevens, bar owner here.

  • How do you say he's out for the Siri's?

  • It seems like they're saying he's not gonna attend, but you wonder if that extends beyond that.

All right, let's welcome in ESPN NB analyst Ryan Hollins.

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Kyle Lowry being pushed should cause the NBA to enforce a code of conduct - Ryan Hollins | OTL

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