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  • I think what teams were doing right now and a lot of the heavy lifting is already done is that they've already made the phone calls that the agents.

  • They already know what the price range is going to be for these players here, and they're going to operate on a Plan A and Plan B.

  • And I think, for example, if you are looking at a team like New York who has two lists, you have the list of Kevin Durant and Quiet Leonard.

  • And then you have a list of the B list players, which is players like Terry Rozier, L for Tate and Wayne Ellington here.

  • Because if you miss out on Durant and Leonard, then you're gonna have to kind of shift your focus a little bit.

  • And remember that you spend 90% of that $109 million cat, so you've got to spend your money here in in free agency.

  • We mentioned it a couple of minutes ago.

  • Just over a $1,000,000,000 was committed on the very first day of free agency last year.

  • We've got so many pre eminent names that we keep running through those, but what's the timeline for a guy that's not named a Katie or a Kyrie.

  • Well, and just talking with agent cell free agents are not going to wait for the big market teams to figure out where they're going to go with with Kawai, Leonard and Kevin Durant.

  • So, for example, if you are a player like Danny Green, possibly Ricky Rubio, Patrick Beverley players on that next level there, they're gonna be off the market pretty quick.

  • Care, possibly by 601 tonight.

  • And this is where teams like Dallas, Indiana, New Orleans teams that we haven't talked about that have the 20 to $30 million in cap space can go out, and they can get these players off the board really quick here.

  • You'd mentioned before kind of a steel cage match between the L.

  • A and New York markets, both with two teams, both after Kawai in Katie.

  • What would that entail with these two preeminent markets trying to go for these two preeminent place?

  • It's the ultimate steel cage match you've got.

  • You've got L.

  • A and New York.

  • Four teams and two teams already have an advantage when you look at teams like the Lakers who have Anthony Davis and LeBron James to go pitch y Leonard and a team like Brooklyn who already has Kyrie Irving in their back pocket right now to go pitch Kevin Durant, or possibly quite, Leonard.

  • They've got an advantage now New York and, um, and the Clippers.

  • Their advantage is that they can say, You guys want to come play together the Rent and Leonard and they can kind of pair up there.

  • So it was kind of the next Clipper with either the Knicks or the Clippers.

  • And it's fascinating because, remember, not all of these teams are going to get these guys.

  • And how are these teams going to pivot?

  • So Brooklyn Lakers advantage early, But we'll see where New York and the Clippers come in.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

I think what teams were doing right now and a lot of the heavy lifting is already done is that they've already made the phone calls that the agents.

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KD and Kawhi have caused a 'steel cage match' in free agency - Bobby Marks | SportsCenter

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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