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  • Marc Spears from ESPN is under feeding them with Sacramento King.

  • Second year big man Marvin Bagley.

  • For people that are kind of looking at us like where the heck we are.

  • Can you explain that to the camera?

  • Way are out here in Mumbai?

  • We got a couple games coming up, I guess.

  • The Pacers first game's best ballgames in India.

  • I'm definitely excited about that.

  • Ready?

  • Get it going.

  • So how was the trip India been before?

  • You want to?

  • Yeah, it is great.

  • It's been great.

  • We got to see the Taj Mahal.

  • You know, just how that how does Bill got the whole story behind it?

  • It was definitely way made the most of it, and it was cool.

  • But we're also on the eve of the King's first preseason game, and, uh, a lot of changes over the last year for you.

  • First of all, it's gonna be a first game on the new coach, Luke Walton.

  • Talk about Coach Luke and and how he could help help your game.

  • I'm definitely excited about the season, you said with new coaching staff, uh, getting to build a relationship with those guys and kind of getting things going early earlier in the summer leading up to now has been good for not only me but the rest of the guys.

  • So I'm definitely excited.

  • How different was it for you a year ago?

  • What were your expectations?

  • And how would you describe what last season was like for you?

  • Just a lot of up and down.

  • No injuries, No one to play.

  • But not really being out there like that.

  • Just different stuff that, you know, kept coming up during the season.

  • And I think, you know, maybe stronger as a player, as a person off the court as well.

  • Kind may be ready for anything.

  • So this season my mom said, Just come in ready control what I can control.

  • Oh, and then everything else to kind of take care of herself.

  • Do it.

  • How much pressure work was where he was on you to, like, live up to the hype Number two pick and you see, don stick takeoff trade take off, you know, eight take off.

  • But you didn't get the opportunity to start had injuries.

  • And just how did you fight through all the and this I just adjusting my mindset.

  • Uh, just whenever I get in a game, Be ready.

  • No, I knew, um, I was gonna be in the starting lineup.

  • I know it wasn't playing like that, but I know that my number was called.

  • I was gonna go out there and give it everything I had, but I don't think I really So everybody work what I can do yet.

  • Okay.

  • Can you also talk about the make up for your Russia now, Uh, some of the changes, Trevor.

  • Reason coming for Joseph.

  • What do those veterans due to a young team?

  • And what do you think about your depth?

  • I mean, I think first of all this the experience part of what we were trying to get to the playoffs.

  • Ah, a lot of young guys on our team.

  • We're trying to get there.

  • They've been there.

  • Trevor one.

  • Cory's one.

  • Um, those guys know what it takes, and I know how to get there.

  • So I have that on our team with the young guys that we still have, like me, Fox.

  • But he all those guys to learn from the bets.

  • I think that's what we missed the last year.

  • A little bit, and I think this year, kind of.

  • We kind of have that now to kind of lean on them, ask them questions about it.

  • But I'm excited about you guys talk playoffs absolute.

  • Every day, every day it comes up.

  • Are we sleeping on the King's?

  • I think so.

  • For short, Um, but I just makes him or kind of interesting throughout the year.

  • That makes it better.

  • Know when we continue to build what we did last year and who a lot of people wrong, Like God.

  • Crusade.

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Marc Spears from ESPN is under feeding them with Sacramento King.

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Marvin Bagley III discusses Kings' roster moves, head coach Luke Walton | The Undefeated

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