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  • you consider yourself part of the ball family.

  • There's been some disagreements amongst the ball family recently as part of their Facebook show.

  • Keep moving ahead.

  • The brakes gotta hit the brakes.

  • Let's take a look at what's happening on Facebook's ball in the family.

  • Would you change today?

  • Hell, no.

  • I wouldn't change a man.

  • I'm just from marketing marketing sample.

  • Regardless of what you just ain't my question.

  • I'm just saying he's always going on the fact that it also stands for the three ball brothers.

  • I'm not changing that at all.

  • I don't give a no, no, listen to me.

  • When I come up with a name and disinvite somebody change that's like me telling you to change your name.

  • That's like people saying all for a change.

  • Alonso's name Alfonzo on the fact that he's been damaged.

  • Do this for the last two years.

  • Jalen.

  • I'm not just, ah, host an analyst and opinion ist.

  • I'm also a producer, and I've worked on reality TV shows and I've worked on I have friends that have worked on lots of reality TV shows and they're fake their scripted.

  • This is a reality television show, and I've seen the media going run with this topic like that's a real argument, I believe I don't know.

  • But I believe that that was a somewhat scripted exchange for the television program, the Facebook program.

  • Do you think that was an authentic exchange between family members?

  • Reality programming has to be scripted at some point, so I agree with you.

  • Let's keep it moving.

  • Michael Jeffrey Jordan has a new business venture.

  • Keep moving ahead.

  • The brakes hit the brakes.

  • He and Gini, Bus and other owners from various sports have unveiled a new tequila brand of all things.

  • And my, The Jordan said that tequila is his spirit of choice.

  • Jalen is tequila, your spirit of choice.

  • It is not my spirit of choice and the reason why back in the down never forget with D J.

  • Quick is the name album came out and enjoying tequila at that time of my life and ending up staring at the bottom of a toilet bowl, just throwing up my lungs feverishly and telling the man about I will never have beverages again.

  • So at that point I decided that tequila was not my friend, and ever since then you've never had another adult beverage moving on R.

  • J.

  • Barrett said something to bleacher report that's gonna make Knicks fans love him even more.

  • Are you gonna keep moving in the brakes?

  • Hit the brakes left all day, he told bleacher report of all the players in the n B A that he would love to post arise atop that list.

  • Former Knick Kristaps Porzingis.

  • Do you like this from the young lot?

  • I love it because he understands, in order to be successful in New York, off the floor, in the media, you have to get a people what they want and crystals left under Tra Moshoeu terms.

  • He's going to come back at some point and be the be a guided.

  • The fans booed because that's just what happens when you get taken number four overall and in 34 years later, you end up somewhere else after asking to be traded.

  • So I like this bravado from RJ beer, but I gotta warn him about something Was Kristaps Porzingis is gonna be one of five people in the NBA this year.

  • The average is over 20 points in average is two blocks a game, so you better come correct as he won't block it up out of here.

  • Kristaps is a very complete game when he is healthy.

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you consider yourself part of the ball family.

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