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  • you are meeting your former teammate, Zion Williamson this weekend.

  • What are you looking forward to about that matchup?

  • Yeah, I was just just having fun and kind of being on the court, goofing around each other again, just just to be just to be around him again.

  • Have you been following him from afar?

  • Since he's come back from injury, have you been able to chat with him and, you know, give him little nuggets along the way?

  • Oh, yeah.

  • My favorite moment was really his first game.

  • You know, it took him a little bottom warm up to it.

  • But once he went off, I saw it coming in.

  • I was just really height for.

  • Are you able to tell him things?

  • You got to play a couple of games before him.

  • Were you able to look over and say, Hey, just so you know, this is how it's different than when we were in college?

  • Yeah, we would talk when he was hurt, and I was just telling man, when you come back, you about to kill this leave and we've endured.

  • And speaking of the difference between college and the MBA, how is your prep for games for practice.

  • Your routine change now that you've been in the N B.

  • A for a couple of us is way different.

  • It's like a full time thing is all day, Every day you gotta know.

  • You gotta grind it out.

  • Just I don't know.

  • There's so many games and you really gotta take care your body and you have to get your extra work.

  • And just so many factors.

  • Can you give me one example of something maybe you used to do in college?

  • That you don't need more or something that you did do in college is even more important now.

  • I guess I kind of what I do now more of is I've really prep a lot more now than I did in college, not make sure I come in early, get no get treatment, shoot everything state after just not really a lot more because there's more games and the game demands more.

  • So I know that they're two very different environments.

  • But can you compare, in contrast, Madison Square Garden fans, which you know world's most famous arena with the Cameron Crazies?

  • I will say Cameron is, you know, it's a smaller German and the fans are basically on the court with you, so that's, Ah less different.

  • Will this be one of your first seasons where the the blessing of being a really excellent college player is getting drafted very high?

  • But that oftentimes means you're going to a team that has a little bit more work to dio a little bit more rebuilding to Dio.

  • Is it an adjustment for you to adjust to maybe not going out in dominating teams every night to not be a over 500 team?

  • So when I was speaking to my golf out of Steve Nash, he really told me that this is actually kind of a blessing.

  • No, I get to go through this and get to go to a struggling.

  • So he said that when we do win, when we start winning, you know I'll be able to appreciate it even more.

  • What do you do mentally?

  • Because you are used to that to take care of yourself, to say, you know what I might My whole being doesn't hang on the balance of the outcome of this game.

  • I'm going to be able to take care of myself in other ways.

  • What do you?

  • What do you do to do that?

  • So I have a great support system, you know, a great family, everybody always encouraging me to keep going.

  • And also, I think it's my rookie year, so I can't really just, you know, hang my hat on everything that's happening now.

  • What did you learn when you weren't able to play that you maybe wouldn't have learned if you were out on the court?

  • To be honest, I was just I was just really watching, watching everything, watching little things like players tendencies or just you know, how our team plays and just just a lot of a lot of different things toe that when I came back, tried to, you know, just just add positive, thanks to the team.

  • I remember when you came into the league, you were so excited to be in New York.

  • How does being there now for a couple of months compared to what you had built it up to me in your mind?

  • And what's different still get every time I get to play in the garden.

  • It's just like I'm a little kid in a candy store.

  • Just you get to see all the fan and everybody you know is ruining for uses.

  • That's great.

  • It seems like you are the star that the Knicks, you guys were married for each other, each other of a match made in heaven.

  • What do you think you can do to help get that same kind of excitement toe other guys around the league?

  • Because not everyone is as excited as you are about this really storied franchise, I guess.

  • Tried Teoh say, the traveling, you know, come on, build a winning culture.

  • Try to get that message betrayed across the league because I know for sure that no everyone wants to win.

  • So try to get that message out there.

  • Almost impossible.

  • Thanks so much for watching ESPN on YouTube from, or sports analysis and highlights.

you are meeting your former teammate, Zion Williamson this weekend.

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