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  • Tonight is the night, Rajan.

  • I know you and Paul go way back.

  • So we actually ask Paul for three of your favorite moments of Mr Rondo.

  • Okay?

  • Starting it was went out of transition, weakened, but I don't know.

  • He can way down middle and does this old testament.

  • So I was like, Oh, And while this might have been his first and one day, I was I was like, missing a dunk.

  • Some better ones.

  • But factor makes no, but is the first time and want you acting like that was no big deal like that.

  • Let me tell you something.

  • Insanity came in our building on fire.

  • I was like, Man, we gonna shut that off.

  • Only with 18 points, 17 rebounds, 20 assists.

  • You weren't feeling Linsanity was not listening, Rondo.

  • He is not about to come in here and do this.

  • Is us on national TV.

  • Set that water off.

  • Boy didn't set that one wrong.

  • That was big number.

  • Take away from Rondo's moment.

  • But this list let me know that he was very aware of the moment.

  • He knew I needed one more basket.

  • Fast labor.

  • I have to take away those No take away my moment passing.

  • He knew I need one more moment.

  • But as you saw wrong, though, understands the moment, just like you saw this year.

  • He gave the system LeBron the past Michael Jordan.

  • So he understands the moment when it's a special day for that player that we're gonna let you sign.

  • Any understands?

  • That's what great point guards do.

  • It didn't feel like it cheap in your moment when you saw him do for LeBron.

  • No, that's the type of player he is not at all.

  • He understands the moment is the moment my feelings were hurt.

  • Come on now, this is history is part of history, and also we put a graphic up that is really telling because we show three of the Phillies tops players productivity higher in the regular season, lower in the playoffs except Jimmy Butler.

  • There's a turn playoff Rondo, where you want guys to get better this time of year.

  • Not the opposite.

  • And this is why Phillies in trouble.

  • It's weird to everyone talked so nicely about you while you're right here a little like it's uncomfortable.

  • Did you want to say anything before we go to break?

  • Oh No, I had a lot of pressure that game against Jeremy Lin.

  • Really?

  • Oh, man, Jay Leno was on fire.

  • No post that.

  • All from the ball.

  • Boys to Kevin going in.

  • I was, like, the little coming, not let him come in here.

  • He had a whole stands of everyone who went to Harvard, right?

  • Oh, man, It was He was coming there on fire.

  • The understanding was on fire.

Tonight is the night, Rajan.

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Paul Pierce reveals to Rajon Rondo his favorite Rondo plays ever | NBA Countdown

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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