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  • Tim Legler is alongside and manage.

  • You and I were talking listening here.

  • We were going to go in a lot of different directions and how much young talent in the fourth and wish I had about 15 minutes, honestly, to talk about all the talent I just watch.

  • It took about five guys 24 under.

  • Porzingis is the oldest of that group at 24 years old, and I mean what he has done and what he's done to his game and this strength, he added.

  • The offseason Scott has now changed my mind on Kristaps Porzingis as a viable number two player that can content.

  • Maybe not this year.

  • I still think they need more on their roster, but I do think you can eventually contend for a title.

  • If you've got these two guys at the top of your roster, I was gonna wait to get the president.

  • But since you since you got to him there, I mean, it's another 30 10 game for the two of them, right?

  • Yes, And again, it's the physicality plays with now.

  • He in this game, he had situations where he's going one on one against smaller guys get into an 18 foot pull up.

  • You saw the step back three that you talked about where he brought jump backwards about eight feet and shot a 30 footer I see posted up tonight and took a lot of contact in his kidney area, which used to drive him out to the three point line.

  • And he'd become a small forward for the rest of the game.

  • That's not this Kristaps Porzingis.

  • He's actually like he's leaned up is the season's going on beginning here?

  • He was jacked.

  • He's lost some of that.

  • But the fact that he put that much time and working on his body suit can maintain balance.

  • He is now a viable guy every night to get you 20 to 30 which is what you're number two needs to be if you want to be a contender.

  • And that's why I say he's changed my mind.

  • He's doing it every night now player of the month of February in the West for a very good reason.

  • And let's talk about the number one Luca At times, especially late.

  • He wasn't maybe labouring as much as I on in the second of a back to back words, but you could see him really trying to catch his breath.

  • And yet, even if he was fatigued, that's what he had in the tank late.

  • What?

  • Where do you go with what you're seeing from him?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, the way he processes the floor in important moments, he slows everything down when the game's on the line and put it in his hands.

  • And I trust him because he's gonna beat you multiple ways, like he can get to the rim and finish himself.

  • He's a much stronger finisher than his body type.

  • Even, really says.

  • Obviously, he's got the shooting touching the Rangers sort of step back.

  • Three.

  • That's like his go to signature shot when he wants to end things.

  • But then, obviously, where he could pick you apart with his vision.

  • So when you put the ball in the hands of a guy that could beat you three different ways late in the game, he doesn't really seem to be affected by pressure.

  • He plays at his pace.

  • She can't speed him up.

  • He does what he wants to do.

  • Special, obviously special town, transcendent talent.

  • Will they get enough town around him?

  • I was wondering if prisoners was going to be that guy.

  • He's convinced me over the second half of the season, he absolutely is good enough to be a guy that could be your number two and maybe playing the Finals one day.

  • But again, they need more help on their roster.

  • Another really good wing scorer.

  • And now you've got something really special on this team.

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Tim Legler is alongside and manage.

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Kristaps Porzingis has grown into a legit No. 2 on a title contender - Tim Legler | SC with SVP

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