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  • M of the Nets.

  • Sean Marks says he didn't talk to his new best player until after Durant announced he was coming to Brooklyn on Instagram.

  • But this is what Marks told W f a N.

  • That Durant told him, After all that quote, I love the system.

  • I love how you guys play.

  • I see how hard you guys play.

  • You were never out of games.

  • We could never take you guys lightly and quote, Oh, how important do you think the Nets system really is?

  • Cady?

  • Oh, I do think it is very important to him.

  • Must read through markets.

  • Thompson's book on Kevin Durant.

  • Just worth checking out just to get some context.

  • Have it all laid out.

  • A lot of things you knew, but to see them all together, it helps make sense of things.

  • It is one thing Kevin Durant really, really, really cares a lot about its playing basketball.

  • So the idea that he would really be attracted to a team because of the system they have that's not so hard to believe.

  • That being said, you ain't even ask him no questions about the system.

  • Before you decided to sign onto it, so I am not going to doubt that it was important to a.

  • But I'm also not going to say necessarily.

  • It was the most important thing or the only important thing.

  • The system should be admired your right in terms of the modern basketball regime today or G stuff you the dorky stuff, the things with the behavior of dorky stuff.

  • They have been top five in free throw rate, top five at shots at the basket, top five and three pointers.

  • That's all the stuff that a modern smart player like Katie should want.

  • However, this is kind of like buying real estate.

  • You're buying a house and what is most important when you're doing that?

  • Number one is location.

  • Number two is the vision you have for the thing you're about to inhabit, because the furniture that's there now in the system is kind of like that.

  • That's cool.

  • You might complemented, but you also have your own ambitions.

  • And that's what Kevin Durant is gonna bring to the table when he finally arrives.

  • It makes this team his own to Yeah, when's that gonna happen, though, on what's gonna happen when he tries to do that because as attractive as he finds this system to be, they're about to have a weird year.

  • We use an incubator, and Kyrie Irving is left to his own devices to figure this thing out.

  • And then Kevin Durant comes in, and year two, they've got a young roster that It reminds me a lot of what the Celtics were been.

  • Kyrie showed up a bunch of low space, but those phase that feel like they should be pulling in some books.

  • So what is this all going to be that I have no idea of?

  • I wonder if Durant really believes that just the basketball part is gonna trump.

  • Always.

  • Look, he went to the last place he went to in large part because of the system.

  • It worked out very, very well for him and also in some way, seem to be a kind of sour experience.

  • So what we get back to what Kevin Durant is?

  • What I feel like everything comes back to what Kevin Durant is this gonna be the thing that makes you happy?

  • Because, look, if you have trouble finding happy, you're not alone in this world and having this problem but is more pronounced with him than I can think of with any other visible athlete of my lifetime.

  • Absolutely.

  • And the thing that seems to make him happy that we've come to understand is the fact that he will be in New York.

  • And so there is the system, which, by the way, we haven't actually heard KD himself talk about that yet.

  • There's been a lot of second hand stuff.

  • Maybe it's the Nets saying this is really important to us.

  • But the other thing that I think Kevin Durant really does value is the fact that he's in the city.

  • And when it comes to the stuff he wants to install in this new house, she wanted to bring DeAndre Jordan.

  • I don't think the Nets or anybody else really thought that made much basketball, since they have Jared Allen already.

  • But Kevin Durant wanted to bring his friends to this city.

  • And by the way, where did DeAndre Jordan play last year?

  • The New York Knicks.

  • So I have a sense that Brooklyn was in this city and they weren't the Knicks, and that was a lot why he wanted to do Yeah, we'll see how he feels about that living in New York thing after he does it.

  • It's one of those things that don't necessarily work for everybody.

  • It is not nice cool enough for me, and he's rich, and that definitely makes living in New York a whole lot easier.

  • But the thing is, I want to live here.

  • You don't really know if you want to live here.

  • Do you live here?

  • But trust me, we're so glad you're watching ESPN on YouTube.

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Bomani v.

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