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  • and I'm gonna give you another example.

  • Listen, I was in 2010.

  • I told my a c l I could still run.

  • I was still walking around for Game seven of a Boston Celtics Lakers Lakers Finals finals.

  • Okay, I did all my homework.

  • I went googled everything.

  • I seen that the one black played for 12 years, just college and professionally without a seals and even e.

  • Okay, okay.

  • And I went to the doctor and I said, Hey, man, I'm gonna put a brace on.

  • I'm ready to rock.

  • You know what the doctor and Doc Rivers told me about your situation?

  • You go sit down because we care about you as a person, not about winning this title.

  • And my whole thing is, is that see, the love runs deeper than basketball For me, for Kevin Durant.

  • And when I talk about kid and and absolutely listen, you don't never take getting to the finals for granted, you know?

  • I mean, you know what about what about the element real quick.

  • What about the element that it wasn't just the warriors?

  • KD also had his old doctor And that goes But I have to say What about this one?

  • Saying, though Stephen A.

  • Smith reached out.

  • Okay, My age of risk.

  • Great.

  • I reached out to Rich Pole, right?

  • Extras fire, said a man.

  • If LeBron's in that situation, would you let him play?

  • He said, hell, no.

  • You make sure you tell him that on first take when you go on there in the morning.

  • Okay?

  • Put on the show.

  • But wait a minute.

  • I didn't say Agent.

  • What I'm saying to you is this If you Kendrick Perkins got the Celtics doctors, right, and you've been cleared, Am I right?

  • Please you and then your own doctor clears you.

  • What are you supposed to?

  • Dok?

  • But listen, you still have people days supposed to be in your corner to protect you.

  • And that's where it goes.

  • Back to the Kawai Linda situation, right?

  • Why?

  • Limit was clear to play.

  • What are we talking about?

  • Doctors.

  • Are we talking about the Oh, but it's all the same.

  • I want I want to stop right there.

  • Are you a doctor?

  • I love this.

  • Are you a doctor?

  • I'm not a doctor.

  • So those doctors What's there?

  • Excuse Because if I knew and I'm not a doctor and exactly what I said happened thin.

  • What's the time?

  • But listen to this, Max.

  • Let me tell you something When I learned about 10 my zeal, every doctor, it's not like they fall about book.

  • Every doctor has they own a piece is what I'm saying.

  • Do research just like thistles?

  • What I'm saying here is what I said before the injury.

  • K D is not risking money that, although given the Max tonight, give it a rest off his prime.

  • Right now, according to them, it's not catastrophic.

  • But the risk he takes and he plays is that it becomes catastrophic.

  • Well, there claim now is not that they misdiagnosed originally, it's that isn't it is a freak coincidence.

  • It's a one in a 1,000,000 situation that after a calf injury, according to them, that took him out for 32 days.

  • He now has on the same leg right next to it, an Achilles injury and the two things are honorable.

  • You don't believe Steve Kerr was Steve Kerr says.

  • We thought the worst case scenario was that he would reinjured the calf.

  • I don't believe that quick desire.

  • Let me tell you real quick.

  • I'm one of the honest guys in his league as you are, but it's not very many.

  • Like I said again, don't believe everything.

  • You and I would not call Steve Carrell.

  • I don't think he is, but I will say this incentives act powerfully on people's behavior, whether they're aware that there.

and I'm gonna give you another example.

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‘Hell no’ LeBron wouldn’t have played with KD’s injury according to Rich Paul – Perkins | First Take

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