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  • the Utah Jazz.

  • No one's gonna talk about the Utah Jazz.

  • Guess way I don't know what the Lakers were gonna be.

  • We know that the Warriors are gonna be down.

  • We don't know what the Clippers air gonna be.

  • We know the Utah Jazz just added Mike Conley, an All Star point guard, and they just spent a lot of money.

  • Freezes don't go to Utah.

  • They just landed.

  • This is one of their biggest freed in science in the history of the organization.

  • And boy, did Bogdanovich, who plays at both ends, and I know that's not gonna lead any newscast tomorrow.

  • But boy, Bogdanovich added to that team with Donovan Mitchell and really go bare and some of the other guys that they had LeBron James.

  • They almost eliminated from the playoffs years and absolutely a Utah is building a potential Western Conference champion, and they've made some moves and they're making moves right now.

  • Bogdanovich also gives them something that they haven't had a stretch for.

  • He's he's a 34 but he's got the defense of acumen and play the before, especially the way the league is going.

  • And now you've got something where they used to play favors and Gobert and try to kind of junk up the offense of dribble handoffs to hide.

  • The fact didn't have a lot of spacing.

  • Now they got some shooting in that team is dangerous.

  • Something else I want to point out.

  • Um, look for Derrick favors now to be out on the market, they're gonna have toe wave Derrick favors to get the cap space to do this Bogdanovich deal.

  • They could theoretically trade him, but he's gonna be probably available.

  • And also one thing Milwaukee may not be done here.

  • They've just picked up assets in this deal.

  • Three draft picks.

  • They now could potentially make a move with those draft picks to add to their roster and also watch for George Hill.

  • They liked George Hill.

  • They just had to wave him to open up space, but they could bring him back.

  • Look for George Hill to possibly re sign and basically become, you know, with Eric Bledsoe.

  • Their key point guards.

  • Yeah, And look again, We talk about these players and you said, Hey, boy on by Nana Visions Not gonna lead anyone's newspaper tomorrow.

  • These are the pieces that help win titles We've had players there, that player after player time.

  • Come on this set and you and I talked to Matt Barnes the other day and he was advocating for the Lakers to start from this position.

  • Now, I'm not sure he knew how much quite Leonard was in the discussion, but his his take as having been a role player on a championship team in a role player on other teams prior to that was You don't have these pieces.

  • You don't win, and we're seeing other teams go in and grab some of these key pieces and fight over them.

  • We have to wait on quite Leonard.

  • I don't agree.

  • I don't agree.

  • It just tells you what a high stakes game it is.

  • And we're gonna keep going back to this because it is the highest sticks right?

  • If they get him right, it was once it's been in the Western Conference in one direction, and if they don't it spends another again, depending on who is available.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

the Utah Jazz.

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The Jazz could contend in the West after signing Bojan Bogdanovic - Brian Windhorst | The Jump

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