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  • after yet another postseason victory for the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • Brook Lopez kind enough to sit down and visit.

  • And Brooke.

  • There's a word that's used often to describe basketball teams by coaches and players, and that word is connected.

  • How well does that describe your entire group?

  • It definitely defines us.

  • You know, It's a great description for our team, you know, We're just we are connected.

  • It is about team.

  • It's not about you, but this questions about you.

  • You've been around the league, you've seen you've seen some stuff.

  • What's it like to be part of this team?

  • This connected group, this best team in the MBA?

  • Yeah, I've never been a part of anything like this before.

  • It's ah so special, so unique.

  • And, yeah, I've been in the league for, you know, I think this is my 11 season now, so I've seen a lot of different teams.

  • A lot of good, a lot of bad.

  • But this team by far is the most special group.

  • They really come in every day.

  • It's ah true team.

  • Their own selfish guys were out there playing for one another, and we're on her having fun doing it.

  • You know it's hysterical to me is to go back and look at, like, basketball reference in the number of threes you took in the very early days.

  • As in nothing.

  • Imagine telling that guy that you know something you're gonna be pulling from the timeline and you're supposed to be doing it.

  • I How hard would it have been to have you imagine that that would become kind of what you're great at?

  • It would've been tough to imagine, honestly, you know, because I always had confidence and shooting a three.

  • But to this extent in is deep as I've been doing it, it's It's been very, very surprising that 2008 rookie Brooke, I'm pretty sure he'd be shocked.

  • I'm just trying to make sense of the sonic the hedgehog in the hat.

  • And what?

  • Just what we What do we got going?

  • Postgame Here posted.

  • This is just my normal stuff.

  • If I'm gonna be on TV or you know I'm not whatever it is, but Sonic.

  • I grew up.

  • I grew up a Genesis kid, you know, there's a Nintendo kids because I was a second Genesis kid growing up.

  • So Sonics my guy and then the Pizza planet had, uh I'm just wearing my Disney fandom ominously on my head, I guess.

  • Technically understood.

  • And you know what?

  • That's just fine.

  • That's just fine.

  • You're on the right network for that.

  • You know what?

  • I grew up on Atari's someday, like Google That and like, look at what we dealt with, man.

  • We we had to We had to walk uphill both both ways in the snow.

  • I'm an old man anyway.

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks for coming by, man.

  • Congrats on the victory and keep doing what you're doing.

  • Well, see, in the finals, if you do, I appreciate it.

  • Thank you for having me.

after yet another postseason victory for the Milwaukee Bucks.

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Brook Lopez: Surprised at the amount of 3’s I’m shooting | 2019 NBA Playoffs | SC with SVP

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