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  • we welcome you to Memphis, Tennessee.

  • It is always bustling on Beale Street and a special night at that ex Forum for a number of other guys but wide open threes Royce has gotta take and make that three.

  • Nah.

  • Moran leading all rookies in scoring and assists to be in the season career high 19.8 points through the early part of this season.

  • Ran step confidence is absolutely incredible.

  • And if you give him any kind of room, he is more than willing to take that shot.

  • Anderson here is Moran.

  • Turning on the burgers.

  • Weigh ridiculous pictures from Job.

  • A random way about dynamic handle and playmaking attack.

  • Moody.

  • A go right around back and kiss it off the window.

  • He drags out.

  • Defender.

  • Some Mike gets the separation necessary.

  • Marine cradles it up like a shooter because he's so efficient, he said.

  • No, no, Jared, This alley oop is mine.

  • Look at this smile.

  • Those two.

  • It's 20 years old.

  • Maranto number two.

  • This year, Jackson number four.

  • A season ago, Super One opportunity was there for Memphis.

  • As Moran bodies in and flexes after the bucket.

  • Good hands by angles from Iran gets it for the Jazz.

  • Durant sizing a smooth Godfather of Britain grind watching escorted by O Neill.

  • Here's Moran.

  • Littering is way back in.

  • His handle is change of pace.

  • So smooth corner squeeze it into Mitchell.

  • The victory 76 Writhe Road wins does care who they beat.

  • That's back to back road wins and then you follow it up with win against a quality Western Conference opponents.

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we welcome you to Memphis, Tennessee.

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Ja Morant cooks up mixtape performance in Mike Conley's return to Memphis | 2019-20 NBA Highlights

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