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  • in the U.

  • S.

  • There is a grandma who plays video games.

  • She's an 84 year old gamer on you.

  • Good shot.

  • Yes, but after nine years in gaming, she quit in tears.

  • Why?

  • Because she could not deal with the hate comments anymore.

  • Some of the comments are stressing me out way too much.

  • I know that I shouldn't let these things stress me out, but they do.

  • That's just oId thistle is why we killed the Internet.

  • Hate comments are spreading on the Internet like a pandemic, and everyone suffers from it, from the kids to the grandma's to the powerful people.

  • Bill Gates made $100 billion decided to give it away.

  • He is fixing poverty, malaria and polio.

  • And after everything he did for humanity right now, because of the covert propaganda, his common section is full off death threats.

  • People want him dead just to be clear.

  • This is not constructive feedback.

  • This is hate.

  • Heck, leaving a video, often innocents laughing baby on the Internet gets hate comments, and to be clear, I get it to you suck.

  • Stop screaming in your videos.

  • Stop moving your hands.

  • Some comments can be so hurtful people end their lives because of them.

  • We killed Internet.

  • So how do you deal with that?

  • Is a very good question.

  • Look, every time you do something different, there has to be resistance like that's just the way the world works.

  • That's the way humans work.

  • And if you look at the history of the world, you know those who change the world for the better or the ones who got a lot of hate, a lot of pushback, a lot off resistance.

  • And actually some of them died like Gandhi, for example, right?

  • This guy was super pacifist.

  • This guy was super all about living in peace and harmony and non violence, and then someone decided to assassinate him.

  • The truth is, every time you get resistance for your ideas, it means someone is scared of them and people hate what they are scared off.

  • So in a way, getting head comments is a good sign.

  • It means what you're doing is different, and it means what you're doing is trying to push the envelope just a little bit more game Where Grandma was doing something different.

  • She got hate comments, Bill Gates, presidents, change makers do something different, so they get resistance.

  • Internet makes it easier to hate.

  • All it takes is two seconds hiding 5000 miles away behind a computer screen to hurt somebody I'm not really enjoying recording anymore.

  • All.

  • It's no longer fun.

  • Um, I feel like I'm under a microscope off time.

  • I have much more fun, and I play much better when I'm just playing by myself.

  • I try my best to focus on the 90% off supportive comments, but not everyone can do that.

  • There is a kid in his bedroom who is wondering why people don't like how he talks.

  • They will bully him online, and he won't know how to deal with it.

  • So to that kid, we should say, If people are hating on you and you are convinced you are doing the right thing the most likely you're not an idiot.

  • You are a change maker.

  • That's more than a minute.

  • I'll see you tomorrow.

  • Hey there.

  • How are you?

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We Killed The Internet

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