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  • imagine you have a bank accounts, and every day I give you five euros to put in that bank account for free.

  • The first day you'll be happy.

  • The second day will also be happy.

  • It's free money.

  • But the third day you'll be less happy because soon you'll realize that 50 euros a day will make you much, much happier than just five.

  • Then all of a sudden, five euros just doesn't cut it anymore.

  • And this is exactly the numbers trap.

  • It's a trap that I and many of my friends fall into, and it has nothing to do with money.

  • It has everything to do with numbers way.

  • As humans attach a lot of our happiness, satisfaction and feelings on numbers the higher number of Instagram likes.

  • You get happier, more accepted.

  • You feel higher number of goals.

  • Your football team scores happier, you feel Theo.

  • Higher number of dollars.

  • You make happier you feel.

  • But here's the kicker.

  • Numbers never end, so in theory you can always get higher and higher numbers to get even happier.

  • When I first realized that I was shocked, annoyed and devastated because I, like many others, attached a lot of my happiness to numbers, number of followings, number of views, number of monkeys, number of friends, you name it.

  • And even when that number got through the million's, I felt as if.

  • Why not more?

  • Why not tens off millions?

  • Why not billions for this is the numbers trapped in full force were even billions of dollars Don't make you happy.

  • Bob Marley knew the strap is unhealthy and warned against it.

  • Money is numbers and numbers never end.

  • If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.

  • That's how I realized with help off my girlfriend family handball, Marnie that a true sense of happiness and satisfaction should only be linked to humans and not number theme, family friends should be.

  • What makes you truly happy?

  • Not a number of Instagram likes or dollars.

  • See, I can't claim that I am better than others and that I figured out a way to rewire my brain.

  • I am not successful yet, but every day I try to care a little bit less for the numbers and a little bit more for the humans.

  • Morning.

imagine you have a bank accounts, and every day I give you five euros to put in that bank account for free.

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The Numbers Trap

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/07/02
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