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  • So on the month of June 2015 I turned on the TV and heard someone say this.

  • Mexicans are rapists, they are criminals.

  • We need to build a wall because this is a war zone.

  • This'll was trump talking about Mexico and many people around the world believed him.

  • And to be honest with you, I almost did you.

  • Maybe he was right.

  • It must be scary at the border.

  • Mexico must be at war.

  • But then one day I decided to switch off the TV and go see the border for myself.

  • On what I saw there was very different from what I imagined.

  • This is the border between the United States and Mexico.

  • It is what people call a war zone.

  • It is where drugs and rapists come, but that's not entirely what I saw at the wall.

  • I saw Americans who came to Mexico to live, to start businesses and to vacation.

  • I saw Mexicans who started agriculture, businesses that make money for Mexicans in Mexico.

  • At the wall I saw immigrants, but I saw them working on the Mexican side of the wall.

  • That's when I realized Mexicans aren't necessarily flooding in as much as we think, in fact, more Mexicans left the United States, then entered it in the last decade, and I bet you didn't know that from what I saw.

  • Mexicans are proud people.

  • They are proud of their culture, off the food and their music the way they are, the ones who invented color TV.

  • They invented birth control pills, the ones that save you from having kids.

  • And they invented tequila, the one that lets you have fun.

  • But perhaps the best example off the true Mexican came on the day off tragedy.

  • An earthquake hit Mexico City, killing 370 people and destroying tens off buildings, including my hotel room, which was badly damaged.

  • It was a dangerous, dangerous time for everyone, and we were all scared.

  • Oh my gosh.

  • But in these days I truly saw the other side of Mexico.

  • Within minutes, everyone was out of their homes, volunteering to help people formed human chains to carry food to the needy.

  • Trucks were digging up destroyed buildings looking for survivors, and the entire nation stood still, helping itself recover from disaster.

  • It's not the border, it's not the wall.

  • This is the Mexico that truly left an impression on me.

  • On June 2015 the entire world heard these lines.

  • Mexicans are rapists, they are criminals.

  • We need to build a wall.

  • But if my time in Mexico was any indication, it's that these lines couldn't be any more broad.

  • See you next week.

So on the month of June 2015 I turned on the TV and heard someone say this.

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